Writing a paper? A speech? A job or college application?

We are available to work with you online or face-to-face in Cascade 112. 

Hours for Fall Quarter 2015: Monday-Thursday 10-4 and Friday 10-2.

I just wanted to write and tell you how very inspiring it was for me to come into the Writing Center today.  I have constantly a fear of "new" things, and especially outside my comfort zone is talking to people I don't know, especially about my ideas.  I absolutely loved talking to Nicola, and just seeing how much I understood when I had someone to talk to was really encouraging, it helped me really see things more clearly....  I have a good idea of what I want to talk about now, instead of just a thread of an idea that I thought I had when I came in....                   --Sabrina

When I first sat down in the writing center to work through a writing piece, I was so thankful that I did. Letting someone else read my thoughts and help me organize my ideas made a huge difference.  It didn't take long in our session before I felt confident in the direction I was taking. I appreciated the time I was able to spend with Mi Sun and all the advice she was able to share with me. I wish I would have taken the initiative to come into the writing center earlier in my time at Whatcom.          --Katie

Our mission statement

The Writing Center serves Whatcom students who are writing for classes as well as for job and college applications. In the center, readers and writers talk—about an assignment, possible topics, the writer’s views and experiences, writing for college, how to cite sources, any subject related to writing. The writer’s goals and interests determine the direction any session will take, and his or her knowledge will be its foundation; the reader’s role is to assist as the writer explores his or her ideas and options. The readers on staff are curious, active, friendly WCC students who enjoy working and talking with others. We participate in ongoing staff education, are Writing Center users ourselves, regularly update our knowledge of WCC and online resources, and continually reflect on our interactions with writers. In the Writing Center, we work to create a collaborative, safe, intellectually-stimulating environment that welcomes diverse views and voices and supports energetic, genuine student scholarship.

We are affiliated with the Pacific Northwest Writing Centers Association (PNWCA) and the International Writing Centers Association (IWCA).