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Kelly, Maureen

Maureen Kelly
  • Departments:Community & Continuing Education Instructor

Maureen's greatest joy is to share with others what she has learned to assist them in bringing balance to their lives. Her various areas of certification provide the content for her workshops and speak to well-being of body, mind and spirit. She has written five books that deal with her background in Myers-Briggs and communication skills as well as energy and sound healing. She donates her time to teach others the value of acupressure through seminars at local libraries as well as other non-profit organizations.

Maureen became certified in the various uses of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator over 25 years ago and has used this tool in a variety of ways both professionally as well as personally. Certified in yoga approximately ten years ago, she has taught close to 2000 classes and developed a type of yoga that she calls "Chakra Yoga" which incorporates several modalities such as sound, acupressure and more, to bring balance. She has completed two sound healing certifications, one through the Globe Institute of Sound & Consciousness in San Francisco, CA and VoiceBio™, a sound healing practice that reads the energy of the voice and interprets areas of imbalance emotionally as well as physically. Maureen has completed two certifications in acupressure, both for humans as well as animals.

Maureen loves to spend time with her 4-legged kids (who teach her so very much about what is really important in life), as well as time out in nature. She meditates daily and enjoys reading spiritually uplifting material. She loves to learn – and finds research in the areas of health and wellness to be a 'hobby' that intersects seamlessly with her professional life.

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