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Mission: Whatcom Community College contributes to the vitality of its communities by providing quality education in academic transfer, professional-technical, and lifelong learning, preparing students for active citizenship in a global society.

Vision: Whatcom will be an innovative college, engaged with our diverse and changing communities. 

Promise: We transform lives through education. We accomplish this by supporting student growth, respecting student investment, embracing diversity, promoting excellence and creating opportunities.

Strategic Planning:

Students come first at Whatcom Community College. Whatcom provides a nationally recognized learning environment for students seeking to improve their lives through education. We demonstrate commitment to success, access, and equity by focusing on retention and completion; cultivating critical thinking and global citizenship; and providing a welcoming environment with engaged peers, faculty, and staff. We appreciate the positive impact of student investments, like time and resources, on our teaching, learning, and leadership environment. With effective strategic planning, we prioritize student needs, a reflection of our student-centered mission and vision.

Group of students with instruction in CIS class

Whatcom engages students in their learning, leadership development, educational achievement, and workplace preparation. To help students achieve success, we will…
1.1 Improve student success in retention, completion, transfer, and employment.
1.2 Foster student learning through student-centered teaching and learning practices. 
1.3 Promote student access through quality services and resources.
1.4 Provide students with mentors, internships, and career preparation.

Students in WCC T-shirts work in a greenhouse
Whatcom cultivates connections for the enrichment of the college, local communities, and beyond. To build community, we will…
2.1 Increase collaboration and communication to serve collective needs across 
the College.
2.2 Create teaching and learning communities.
2.3 Strengthen partnerships with K-12 and higher education institutions.
2.4 Foster learning, service, and leadership opportunities through community partnerships.
2.5 Cultivate community awareness and support for the College.
2.6 Engage with business and industry to strengthen regional economic development.

Whatcom integrates principles of diversity, access, and inclusion throughout policy, practice, services, and curriculum to close equity gaps in student outcomes and create an equitable work environment. To advance equity, we will…
3.1 Ensure all students have access to campus resources that support educational success.
3.2 Apply culturally responsive pedagogy in all teaching and learning environments.
3.3 Increase services focused on supporting marginalized student populations to close the equity gap in student outcomes.
3.4 Revise policies, practices, services, and curricula from an equity-based lens.
3.5 Improve recruitment and retention of diverse students, faculty, staff, and administrators.
3.6 Increase campus engagement in social justice education and leadership opportunities. 

A student meets with a WCC advisor
Whatcom is fiscally responsible, supports faculty and staff, fosters a safe and sustainable environment for teaching and learning, and uses data-driven decision making to enhance institutional effectiveness. To enhance institutional effectiveness, we will…
4.1 Offer programs, services, and facilities that support college needs and 
market demands.
4.2 Increase college enrollment and secure resources for the continued viability 
of the College.
4.3 Provide ongoing opportunities for faculty and staff professional growth. 
4.4 Enhance the safety of the college environment.
4.5 Model leadership in environmental protection, economic viability, and social equity, the three pillars of sustainability.
4.6 Apply assessment and evaluation data to inform decisions.