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Parking at Whatcom

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Parking is free at Whatcom Community College.


Visitor Parking

17 near Laidlaw Center

Visitor parking is available near the Laidlaw Center on both the north and south sides of the building. Visitors MUST sign in at the Information Desk just inside the north doors of Laidlaw. Visitor parking is intended for a short, 20 minute maximum duration and students/staff are not allowed to use these spots. Only 17 visitor spaces are available and those 17 spaces are used as overflow disability spaces. If all of the disability spaces are filled, a driver with a state issued permit may park in a visitor space and display their permit (if you are displaying a valid state issued permit in a visitor space, you do not need to sign in at the information desk as required of all other visitors).


Disability parking

44 spaces total on campus 

Valid State issued permit must be displayed. Disability parking spots are located in various locations around campus; however, if you have a permit and a spot is not open, you may park in visitor parking. Also, Bellingham Police ticket cars that are parked in disability parking areas without an official permit or in bicycle lanes on public streets. If all of the disability spaces are filled, a driver with a state issued permit may park in a visitor space and display their permit.



Students may request escorts to their cars by calling 360.383.3390 during business hours, or 360.715.2418 after hours. If you have an emergency, call 911 and then report your emergency to the campus operator (dial 383.3000 and press 0).

Help prevent car prowls by not leaving valuable items in plain sight in your vehicle. Always lock your doors. Children and animals should never be left alone in a vehicle while parked at Whatcom.

File an Incident Report to report an accident or safety issue.


Ticketable offenses

Tickets will be issued for the following violations:

  • Parking in a construction zone, fire lane (red curb), any no parking area or zone indicated by a yellow curb, cross hatch stripes or signage
  • Parking in WCC van parking spaces
  • Parking in the roadway
  • Parking in a delivery area or service driveway
  • Parking in the Copy Center/Mail Drop-off Only/Headstart area for an extended time
  • Parking in a disability spot without properly displayed permit
  • Parking in visitor parking if you are a WCC student, faculty or staff
  • Parking in visitor parking without signing in at the LDC Information Desk
  • Taking up two parking spaces or parking on or outside the lines

Fines are $15 for the first violation, $30 for the second. The fine for parking in a disability spot without a legal, state issued permit is $25.

Payments may be submitted in person to the Cashier in Laidlaw Center or mailed to:

Whatcom Community College
Business Office
237 W Kellogg Road
Bellingham, WA 98226

Parking ticket appeals will be considered within five days of the date of the parking violation if an error was made by the College or the person to whom the violation was issued did not commit the violation stated on the ticket.

Appeals for violations will not be granted for excuses such as these:

  • You actually did what the ticket issuer said you did
  • You’ve done this before and didn’t get a ticket
  • This was the first time you committed the infraction, couldn’t it just be a warning?
  • You didn’t know it was a violation
  • You didn’t know the rules
  • The person beside you did the same thing
  • You didn’t see the sign
  • You were only going to park for a minute
  • You were in a hurry, your were late, you didn't have time
  • It was raining, snowing, blowing, sunny, dark, daylight
  • You can’t afford to pay the fine

Completed appeal forms may be mailed or delivered to:

Whatcom Community College
Facilities & Operations
237 W Kellogg Road
Bellingham, WA 98226

The appeal will be reviewed by an administrator and a letter stating the decision will be mailed to the address on the appeal form within five business days. If the appeal is denied, the fine will be due within 15 days of the date of the letter.


Parking availability

1881 =  631 on south side, 1128 on north side, 36 at Foundation, 8 at ASB

Parking is free at Whatcom Community College and there are always places to park in the blue and green lots north of Cascade Hall. We encourage everyone to avoid the frustration of searching for a space during peak times by entering the Cascade lot via Stuart Road or at the new west entrance near the Auxiliary Services Building (ASB) from West Kellogg.

Both north and south lots have designated motorcycle parking areas. WCC requests motorcycles, scooters and mopeds be parked in conveniently located, designated areas, rather than taking a full size parking spot.


Parking lot monitor program

Students from Whatcom’s Administration of Justice program are hired to patrol the parking lots. While they do write tickets for parking infractions, their primary objective is public safety. Our parking lot monitors:

  • Help direct parking traffic
  • Assist with vehicle problems
  • Provide escorts to vehicles
  • Deter crime by observing and reporting

Definition of parking violations, enforcement procedures, and fines are developed with direct participation and guidance from Whatcom’s student government. Revenue from parking violations help pay for parking lot monitors, as well as parking lot repairs and maintenance.