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Full-time Faculty Formway Funds

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The Board of Trustees has authorized, in Resolution 99-2, naming a portion of the proceeds from the Exceptional Faculty Awards Trust Fund in honor of Fielding and Pat Formway. The Formways have contributed to the community in many ways and have been long-time supporters of Whatcom Commu­nity College. They have also contributed financially through the Whatcom Community College Foundation and Mr. Formway served as a trustee of Whatcom Community College from January 1989 through September 1993.


Parameters for administering funds

  • The amount of individual awards and their recipients shall be determined by the Board of Trustees through the College President, after having provided opportunity for faculty input.
  • Available to all full-time and pro-rata faculty.
  • Pro-rata faculty participants funds to be proportionate to pro-rata load. Effective 2000/2001 each full-time faculty member will be credited with $500 for professional development opportunities. It is anticipated that each year additional funds will be credited to the individual accounts. The availability of funds however is generated through investments, which may go up or down. The amount credited each year will remain in the faculty member’s professional development account. It may be used in full or in part, or the funds may be accumulated as long as the faculty member is employed at Whatcom Community College.
  • Upon termination of employment, any funds remaining in the resigning faculty member’s account will revert to the total pool for future use.
  • While these funds may be used to supplement a sabbatical program, they are not intended to replace sabbatical leaves.
  • Any professional development plan that the faculty member and the appropriate division chair agree upon which will enhance the faculty member’s professional development is assumed appropriate (e.g. educational travel, course work, purchase of supplies, dues, subscriptions, hiring a consultant, etc.).



  • To access this professional development fund the faculty member must draft a brief description of its proposed use and have the plan co-signed by the appropriate division chair. 
  • To the extent possible and allowable by state and federal law, the College will pre-pay the professional development plan requested expenses such as memberships, conference fees and airline travel rather than expect the individual faculty member to advance such costs.
  • While prior approval is preferred, if the faculty member should have an unexpected opportunity, it could be considered after the fact.
  • To receive reimbursement, the faculty must submit an expense voucher.


Alternative use

Faculty members may pool an amount of their funds, in any one-year, equal to one year’s award. Reasons for such pooling may vary, however it is one means by which a larger pool of funds can be created for the recipient(s) of the pooled funds. The College will only record the accumulations and expenditures and will not supervise or enforce pooling agreements faculty may make with one another.