10:30am - 12:00pm

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Radical Candor: How to Be A Kickass Boss (Or Educator) Without Losing Your Humanity LDC 215a 
Presented by: Lucas Nydam, Coordinator for Student Life and Development

Radical Candor is a relationship-centered management philosophy developed by Kim Scott, former advertising and tech executive. Scott developed Radical Candor after realizing many organizations struggle to cultivate strong cultures of feedback. This realization led Scott to write the New York Times bestselling book “Radical Candor”. Scott defines radically candid feedback as feedback given when we both “care personally” and “challenge directly.” In this workshop, we will watch a video of Scott colorfully illustrating the framework while taking plenty of pauses for group discussion and collectively exploring how Radical Candor can fit into the work we do with both colleagues and students.


What’s In Your File Folders? —LDC 125
Presented by: Michael Singletary, Registrar; Ward Naf, IT Director

We save an incredible amount of information electronically. After all, saving it is easy and memory is cheap. However, we do this, at great peril to ourselves, the college, and students. Less is better in this informational model. When sensitive information is disclosed, unintentionally or not, we put our reputation at risk and jeopardize our trust with students. In this workshop: we will cover the laws that regulate sensitive information, scope the issue at WCC, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of our resources, and recommend a set of strategies as we go forward.


Engineering Play Time—KUL 205
Presented by: Eric Davishahl & Pat Burnett, Engineering Faculty; Will Green, Instructional Technician; Jessica Larson, Engineering Advising & Outreach Specialist

Come play with new engineering equipment and preview some of the tools and capabilities that are coming soon in the new Learning Commons Makerspace.  Walk away with something you engineered and made yourself.  Learn about ongoing engineering student work and share your ideas for projects our students can do for the campus.  Come join the WCC engineering community.  No prior experience necessary.


DeTAils, DeTAils—LDC 216
Presented by: David Knapp, Director for Academic Advising & Career Services; Carla Gelwicks, Dean for Instruction

Find out how the Associates in Arts & Science degree - Direct Transfer Agreement drives student course selection. Examine how a Guided Pathways approach helps students make informed decisions. Explore STARFISH degree planner from the student perspective. Learn how advisors support students to make informed decisions in degree planning and course selection.


Introduction to WCC’s Interactive Course Enrollment and Success Dashboards —LDC 211
Presented by: Peter Horne, Senior Research Analyst; Ed Harri, VP for Instruction; Sherri Winans English Faculty/Writing Center Coordinator; Anne Marie Karlberg, Director for Assessment & Institutional Research

This session will be an interactive orientation to the new online course enrollment and success dashboards. Participants will be provided a hands-on opportunity to use the dashboards and explore college data. What we see in the college data and how we might use it in ethical ways to inform more equitable practice, will be discussed.


Safe Space to Brave Space—SSC 105
Presented by: Kunbi Ajiboye, Associate Director for Student Life and Development

Creating a sense of belonging that starts with a language of on-going regard that is sincere, authentic, and communicates appreciation for personal experiences. Participants will explore and engage in crucial conversations that encourage the heart by honoring intersecting social identities and a multicultural perspective.


Dabbling in Design—KUL 207
Presented by: Rob Beishline, Art Faculty

Learn basic digital design skills in Tinkercad, a free cloud based software. Participants will create an account and begin designing in this hands on session. Applications for the classroom, workspace, and home will also be discussed.


Intro to Mindfulness—PAV 201
Presented by: Mary Haberman, History Faculty. Mary has practiced meditation for 15 years, graduated from a 2 year community teacher training program through Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Center and facilitates drop-in meditation at WCC for staff and students. Winter quarter drop-in schedule: M and Th 11:30-12, LDC 203

Looking to de-stress or be more present? Mindfulness is a scientifically proven practice that can help. A quick definition of mindfulness is to be aware of the present moment in a curious, non-judgmental way. Participants of this session will practice with some easy mindful movements and stretching as well as sitting meditation. Weather permitting, we will engage in some easy walking (or just being) outside to explore mindfulness in nature. This session is intended for all!


“We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness” -Thich Nhat Hanh