1:15 - 3:15 pm

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Ain’t Misbehavin’. Supporting Students with Mental Illness—LDC 216
Presented by: Melissa Turkington, Student Conduct Officer and BIT Case Manager

Faculty and staff are increasingly responsible for recognizing and addressing mental health issues on campus. However, there are few resources to prepare for this important work. This presentation will cover the history and current state of mental health, current best practices, and practical training exercises for educators.


Engaging Students to Solve the World’s Biggest Problems through Design Thinking Processes—LDC 124
Presented by: Lara Merriam-Smith, NW Innovation Resource Center

Design thinking has helped to solve big problems in businesses for years, but it also has applications for small problems, by building better products and experiences through meaningful person-driven design. This process has been used by companies to not only improve product design, but redesign services for employees and customers.  Educators have been using design thinking to expand classroom interactions, develop process driven results and improve learning retention.  This seminar is designed to introduce educators to the principles of design thinking, experience how it works and identify ways to bring real world application of these tools into the classroom.


Treaty in Translation—SSC 107/108
Presented by: Noelani Bumatay-Jefferson, Indigenous Service Learning & Student Activities Coordinator, Northwest Indian College; Equity Project planning team members

Join Noelani Bumatay-Jefferson from Northwest Indian College and the Equity Project for an interactive workshop that is sure to inspire and enlighten! To begin, Noelani will guide participants through a hands-on exploration of the 1855 Point Elliot Treaty. Participants will then be invited into conversation with each other through an Equity Café focused on topics related to Noelani’s presentation as well as our readings, Tulalip From My Heart by Harriette Shelton Dover and Messages from Franks’ Landing by Charles Wilkinson. Let’s take this opportunity to connect and learn from each other!


Excel Formulas and Functions—LDC 211
Presented by: Chris Babin, Community & Continuing Education Instructor

Join us for an introduction—or refresher—to Excel formulas and functions. We’ll cover setting up, automating, and copying formulas; working with the order of operations; calculating with dates; and using basic functions such as SUM, AVERAGE, and COUNT. Instructor Chris Babin invites you to bring your questions!


De-escalation Training—KUL 109
Presented by: Raquel (Rocky) Vernola, Safety & Security Director; Kevin Mede, Whatcom County Sheriff Dept. Detective Sergeant

What really works when it comes to de-escalating anxious, hostile, or challenging behavior? With safe and effective tips, attendees will gain confidence in stopping situations from escalating out of control. Join Kevin Mede and Rocky Vernola for this valuable 2 hour session. The first hour will focus specifically on identifying warning signs, verbal and nonverbal techniques to defuse a situation, and more. The second hour will take the techniques learned in the first hour and apply them to classroom/office management tips and strategies, and acquaint attendees on resources and services available on campus.


“We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness” -Thich Nhat Hanh