1:15 - 2:15 pm

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#Be the Difference for Student Success: Behavioral Health Training—LDC 126
Presented by: Daniel Soloff, Suicide Prevention Specialist for Making a Difference – Helping Other People Everywhere (MAD-HOPE); KaSandra Church Suicide Prevention Coordinator, WWU Counseling Center; Ellen Barton, Health Projects Coordinator, Area Health Education Center for Western Washington (AHECWW); Kate Di Nitto Associate Director for AHECWW

When mental health issues arise, early access to help can keep students on track. It can be difficult to guide students toward appropriate help if we’re uncomfortable or unsure about mental health challenges and resources. This session will give participants a snapshot of several available trainings on the topics of mental health and suicide prevention. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth between the ages of 5 and 24.* Resources to help students facing behavioral health issues are available both on-campus and through community programs. Representatives from the award-winning program Making a Difference – Helping Other People Everywhere (MAD-HOPE) and from the WWU Counseling center will share recommended approaches to recognize and assist a young person showing signs of considering suicide. Staff from the AHECWW will share an overview of Mental Health First Aid curriculum. This presentation will also provide a brief overview of resources in Whatcom County to help address behavioral health issues.

A Mental Health First Aid certificate course will be offered to WCC faculty and staff on April 26. *American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 2018, aacap.org 


Everybody TILT! Making the Shift to Transparent Assignment Design—KUL 207
Presented by:  Jeffrey Klausman, English Faculty

TILT—Transparency in Learning and Teaching—comprises a set of principles designed to make the academic environment more transparent to all students and especially systemically non-dominant and first-generation students. In this presentation/workshop, participants will learn the basic principles of transparent assignment design, assess the transparency of sample assignments, and work on revising one of their own assignments. By the end of the workshop participants will know the basics of TILT and how to apply them to their own assignments. All faculty welcome, especially those new to TILT or looking for a refresher.


It Takes a Village: Empowering Students Through Early Alert—KUL 208
Presented by: Nic Hostetter, Director for Student Success and Retention; Erin Graham, Psychology Faculty; Alissa DeLaFuente, Student Completion Coach

During this session, faculty will learn to use early alert progress surveys to provide feedback that moves students forward and activates students as owners of their own learning.


Representation of Ability/Disability in the Classroom—LDC 215a
Presented by: Kerri Holferty, Director for Access & Disability Services, and Accessibility Team Members

We work to incorporate the contributions of diverse people into our curriculum, but that diversity often centers on race, gender, and/or sexuality. How do we convey the contributions of people with disabilities to our disciplines, and how do we convey those contributions in ways that don’t tokenize? Join us for a faculty panel, and audience discussion, exploring ways to include the contributions of people with disabilities as a way of providing a more inclusive and relatable depiction of the subjects you teach. The discussion will include strategies to acknowledge the disabilities that experts in your field have worked with in ways that convey the reality that professionals in our disciplines are incredibly diverse.


Whatcom County Nonprofit Board Service Information and Exploration—LDC 125
Presented by: Rachel Myers, Whatcom Community Foundation's Board Match Program Manager and Bellingham Public Library Board of Trustees, Vice Chair ; Summer Starr, Coordinator of the Volunteer Center of Whatcom County and Stillpoint at Beckside Retreat Center, Board Member; and Laurel Hammond, Program Manager, WWU Center for Community Learning and Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth, Board Member

Are you curious about board service and the opportunities in Whatcom County? If so, come explore what it means to serve on a nonprofit board, why you should become a board member, how to be an effective board member and where to connect with nonprofits in need of board members. Join us as we explore these questions, highlight resources, and share our experience serving on local nonprofit boards.


Spring Student Showcase—KUL 222
Presented by: Kaatje Kraft, Geology Faculty; Eric Davishahl, Engineering Faculty; Leslie Glen, Math Faculty; Tealia Slagle, Biology Faculty; Melanie Zabel, Psychology Faculty; Jennifer Zovar, Anthropology Faculty; Tommaso Vannelli, Chemistry Faculty

During opening week, faculty from various disciplines began developing a plan for a campus wide student showcase to celebrate student work. It’s time to move the planning forward. Please join this collaborative session to finalize a spring student showcase that will celebrate our student’s successes!


Demystifying Purchasing and Travel Procedures—KUL 224
Presented by: William Martens, Director for Business & Finance; Snezana Buric & Teri McKinnon, Fiscal Specialists

This session will eliminate the mysteries of the business office forms and procedures from purchasing to travel on the college's behalf. Business office staff will share the important procedures necessary to ensure your purchase requests and travel reimbursements are processed in timely manner. Session will allow time for Q&A, so bring your questions!


Treasure Hunting at WCC—LDC 216a
Presented by: PDC members—Shandeen Gemanis, Continuing Education/Customized Training Specialist; Chris Bouchard, Assistant Financial Aid Director

How well do you know Whatcom’s campus? Do you realize you pass by artwork and other interesting features every day? Join us for this scavenger hunt to put your knowledge to the test and maybe even discover some unknown hidden treasures along the way! Visit LDC 216a to receive a list of clues and the rules of the hunt, bring your Whatcom ID card for access to buildings, and dress for the weather. Feel free to participate on your own or in teams of up to three—the first person/team back to the starting point with a completed list will win a prize!


“We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness” -Thich Nhat Hanh