These funds are an excellent way to honor or remember friends and family while helping students succeed.  You may also contribute to an existing fund. 

Harold Heiner 2

The Heiner Scholarship Fund

The Heiner Scholarship Fund was established in 1997 by Dr. Harold Heiner in memory of his father, Gerald Heiner. Dr. Heiner served as president of Whatcom Community College for 24 years and was instrumental in bringing the start up educational institution to a highly regarded community and technical college. He was also passionate about making resources available to students. At the time of his retirement, contributions were made in his honor to augment the fund. Since 2002, this endowed scholarship has been awarded annually to an outstanding student. New gifts will make additional resources available to future students and renew Dr. Heiner's legacy as well.


Honorary Funds

Thanks for your Service Honorary Scholarship

US-DeptOfDefense-SealShropshire Law Firm, PLLC and its friends support those who have served our country. Through the “Thank You for your Service Scholarship”, funds will be awarded to a student who has served in active duty or who is currently serving in a reserve capacity for any branch of the United States Armed Forces. These men and women truly deserve support and this scholarship provides an opportunity to local men and women seeking higher education for their next mission in life.  Please consider joining these efforts by donating to this worthy scholarship and help as many as possible in their scholastic endeavors.




Father Scott Connolly Honorary Scholarship

For nearly two decades, Father Scott Connolly, pastor at the Church of the Assumption in Bellingham, has dedicated himself to promoting education in Washington state. The WCC Foundation is pleased to honor Father Scott with a scholarship fund established in his name. The scholarship will provide an annual award to a student who has attended Assumption Catholic School and plans to enroll at Whatcom. Father Scott is well known for his involvement in our community and leadership in education. He regularly donates to school programs, has supported efforts to increase Hispanic enrollment at Assumption Catholic School, and made the school a priority in the parish’s capital campaign. In 2014, he was one of only seven pastors in the United States to receive the Distinguished Pastor of the Year Award from the Elementary Schools Department of the National Catholic Educational Association.


Memorial Funds

Alissa Hagman Memorial Fund

The WCC Faculty and Staff established the Alissa Hagman Memorial Scholarship Fund in honor Alissa who passed away in 2011. Many WCC Faculty and Staff recall Alissa as a toddler, following after her mom, Cathy Hagman, so closely. Many others shared the pleasure of Alissa’s time at Whatcom as she completed her degree. The scholarships awarded from this fund honor the WCC Community’s fond memories of Alissa. 



Anna Rosemary Harris Memorial Fund

The Anna Rosemary Harris Memorial Fund has been established through the WCC Foundation in memory of Anna, who died on April 2, 2013 at the age of 19 in an accident while vacationing in Taiwan. The fund honors her life and recognizes her two passions: writing and travel. As a Running Start student at WCC, Anna graduated with honors with her Associate of Arts degree as well as her high school diploma in 2012. Although she was headed for a career in physical therapy, Anna loved creative writing and sought to understand other cultures through travel. This fund will support two scholarship opportunities for WCC students: Chuckanut Writers Conference Scholarship so a student writer can attend the conference for free; and a scholarship to help a Whatcom student participate in the travel abroad program. Anna’s legacy will be an inspiration to the students whose dreams are supported with these scholarships.


Catharine C. (Kitty) Stimpson Scholarship Endowment Fund

Born in Bellingham in 1907, Catharine C. (Kitty) Stimpson was a lifelong resident of Whatcom County and a devoted supporter of Whatcom Community College. A champion of civic involvement, Kitty believed deeply in the missions and visions of the many organizations on whose boards and committees she served. As a founding member of the board of trustees for Whatcom Community College, she created educational opportunities for thousands of students. Kitty was a recognized civic leader, and in 1977, President Jimmy Carter appointed Kitty to the National Council on Educational Research, the policy board for the National Institute of Education.  Kitty’s enthusiasm over decades of service left an indelible legacy. After her death at the age of 91, the “Friends of Kitty” founded the Catharine C. (Kitty) Stimpson Scholarship Endowment Fund to honor her lifetime of support for the community and to acknowledge the positive influence she had on each of their lives. The scholarship is awarded to an older student, often an individual who is supporting a family while attending college.


Delores L Syre Memorial Scholarship Fund

Delores Syre, mother of Trillium Corporation’s David Syre, was born in 1914 and passed away in 1999. After her death, Mrs. Syre’s children created the Delores L. Syre Memorial Scholarship endowment in recognition of the value she placed on education. The Syre family believes a scholarship is an opportunity for self-development and for many students at Whatcom Community College, scholarships make the difference between whether or not they can further their goals through education.


Floyd Sandell Memorial Fund

Floyd Sandell was one of the first instructors at WCC, teaching a Farm Management course beginning in the summer of 1970.  In memory of his legacy his son and daughter-in-law, Deane and Susan Sandell, established the Floyd Sandell Memorial Scholarship.



Heidingsfelder Memorial Fund

The Heidingsfelder Memorial scholarship was set up by friends and family of Jeff Heidingsfelder, who died tragically in an accident in January 1991.  Since then, an annual scholarship has been awarded to a graduating senior from Bellingham or Sehome High Schools to attend WCC.   


Iva Sue Grover Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Iva Sue Grover Memorial Scholarship fund was established on Sept. 25, 1997 to honor Iva, who touched many lives and left an indelible legacy at Whatcom Community College. WCC meant a great deal to Iva, and her bequest is representative of her love and commitment to the College’s future success.  Iva left funds for the WCC Library and set aside an additional contribution to the Foundation, which was to be used for unrestricted purposes. This donation was used to create to the Memorial Scholarship Fund. In addition, the WCC Federation of Teachers pledged a 5-year effort to establish and fully fund a one-half endowed Memorial Scholarship.  The Iva Sue Grover Memorial Scholarship was combined with the Sis McManus Scholarship to create a full endowment and is now offered every other year. 


Jon Leatherbarrow Memorial Fund

The Jon Leatherbarrow Memorial Fund has been established to honor Jon’s life, the impact he made on our environment, and his commitment to sustainability. The Jon Leatherbarrow Memorial Scholarship Fund supports Whatcom students who are pursuing their education in areas related to sustainability, such as environmental and earth science, environmental engineering, and other similar fields.


Patti Russell Memorial Endowment Scholarship Fund

Patti Russell was an extraordinary person, and the College was exceptionally fortunate to have had her working at WCC for more than 10 years. When she began, it was clear that she had exceptional talents. The college community could not have envisioned then what artistry, grace, and inspiration she would bring to the school and to those who knew her. Her smile, her presence, and her calm competence are missed.  The Patti Russell Merit Memorial Scholarship endowment was created in October 2005 by Patti’s family and friends. Income from the endowment now funds at least one scholarship annually to be awarded to a student to assist with his or her second year of study at Whatcom Community College.


Sam Girouard Memorial Merit Scholarship Endowment

Born and raised in Bellingham, Wash., Sam Girouard was a talented and gifted individual with a passion for paleontology and geology. At the age of 14, Sam began attending Whatcom Community College as a Running Start student and, after graduating from Sehome High School at age 16, he went on to study at the University of Washington. Sam’s greatest passion was paleontology. He began collecting fossils at age 8 when he brought his small collection to the Alberta Provincial Museum. Sam made many private collecting trips in Washington, Alberta, British Columbia and Alabama. At the age of 12, he was a member of a paleontological expedition with the University of Washington to the Methow Valley. He published two papers on paleontology in scientific journals.  After his death at age 18, his family established the Sam Girouard Memorial Merit Scholarship Endowment, which covers the cost of full tuition for a student to attend Whatcom Community College each year.


Sylvia S. Thomson, RN Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sylvia (Sundseth) Thomson, RN graduated from Mt. Zion Hospital School of Nursing in June 1961. She was very grateful for a scholarship she received early on, that allowed her to begin her studies at the Nursing school. While in school, she met her husband and later they relocated to Bellingham, WA where they raised a wonderful family. Sylvia took a position as an OR Nurse at St. Joseph Hospital where her career was noted by outstanding patient care, particularly for her compassion for her patients, and she was the first choice of many of the great surgeons of the time. Sylvia passed away in 2001, and this scholarship has been established in her loving memory by her family.