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Facility Reservations and Rentals Terms and Conditions

We are pleased to be able to offer an affordable and convenient meeting/event space for your organization.  In order to maintain the quality and affordability of our event space, we ask for your cooperation in following these requirements. 

Availability.  College facilities are made available according to the provisions of WAC 132U-140-010 through 070 and the terms and conditions stated below.  The buildings and grounds of the College are primarily for educational purposes.  No use will be permitted to interfere with the primary purpose for which these facilities were intended.  Facilities will not be made available for any use which might result in any undue damage or wear.  The College reserves the right to prohibit the use of College facilities by groups which restrict membership or participation in a manner inconsistent with the college’s commitment to non-discrimination as set forth in its written policies and commitments.

Limitations of Use.  Client agrees not to use the facility for any purpose other than that set forth in this agreement without first receiving express written approval from Whatcom Community College for such use.

Food and Beverages.  All food service and catering for WCC facilities can be provided by the campus food service provider Sodexo, or with one of our outside preferred vendors.  You may contact college food service at ext.3341, for your catering needs.  For a list of preferred outside food/catering vendors please contact C&ES ext. 3315 or email

Alcohol. Alcohol may be served on the WCC campus.  The client must complete an Alcoholic Beverages Serving Request Form at least two weeks prior to the event. Form can be obtained from the Conference & Event Manager.

Audio Visual and Computer Support Requirements.  Requests for audio-visual support and/or computer support should be made at the time of reservation.  Additional charges may be necessary for specialized labor for certain requirements.

Set Up Charges.  The facility use rates generally include setup of your space by WCC staff prior to your event.  You are responsible for providing WCC staff with the necessary setup information for your event at least one week prior to the event.  Failure to provide this information, or changes to the information within one week of the event, may result in additional setup charges being assessed.

Fee Payment.  You will receive an invoice from the College’s Business Office for facility rental and charges after the event.  If additional charges are incurred before, during or after the event, such as additional equipment or overtime staffing, these charges will be included on the invoice. You will receive a separate invoice from college food service for catering for the event.

a. Client agrees to provide responsible supervision for the entire event.  Client will notify the college Events and Facilities Coordinator of the name of the responsible individual, if other than the person signing this agreement.
b. Client agrees to assume responsibility for returning the facility and its equipment/contents in the same condition (and room arrangement) as originally provided, except for normal wear and tear.

Indemnification.  In addition to compliance with WAC 132U-140-010 through 090, and irrespective of any insurance that may be in effect, the user organization or sponsor shall indemnify and hold Whatcom Community College harmless from any and all loss, damage, liability or expense which the college may sustain, incur or become liable for, including loss of or damage to property, injury to or death of person, and fines or penalties imposed upon or assessed against the College, arising in any manner out of the use of the college facilities by the user organization or sponsor, its agents, employees, or patrons.  The user organization or sponsor will not, however, be required to so indemnify and hold harmless the College from such loss, damage, liability, or expense resulting from the College’s negligence.  

Promotions.  Any promotion of your event that uses the College’s name, logo, or in any way represents the College must be reviewed and approved by the College’s Public Information Office. Failure to do so may result in a void contract. Contact the Public Information Office at 360-383-3310.