Math Literacy vs. Algebra Intensive (STEM) Pathway

The Math Department offers two different pathways for students depending on their intended field of study. If you are planning to transfer to another institution, be sure and verify your transfer requirements when deciding the correct path. More information can be found in the following documents.

Placement Evidence

Depending on the requirements you meet, there are three different ways to place into your first math class at WCC.

  1. Take the Math Placement Test

    All students can be placed by taking the placement test here at WCC.

  2. Use a Previous Test Score
    If you have a record of your score from having taken the Smarter Balanced exam, an AP or IB math exam, or CLEP math exam, speak to an advisor and get placed based on your score. Also, see more information about credit for prior learning.

  3. Use Academic Records
    If you have a Whatcom County high school transcript from within the last 1-2 years, or a previous college transcript which includes math coursework, speak to an advisor to get placed appropriately. Recent Whatcom county high school students may also place into their WCC math class using high school transcripts. Please see an advisor for more information.

Placement Test

The Math Department has designed these placement tests to assist students and advisors in placing students new to Whatcom in their first mathematics course at the College. To schedule an appointment or for more information on the placement process, please visit the testing center website.

At the moment, “Practice Tests” with specific problems for prospective Whatcom Community College students are not available. However, lists of skills that appear on specific WCC Math Placement Tests are outlined below. Please select a test below for more information.

The following free websites are provided for students who wish to review their math skills before attempting a Placement Test:

  • Math TV
    Videos (Basic Math to Calculus)
    When you reach the Math TV homepage, select lectures from menu in the left panel. 

The links above contain information from independent websites that are not associated with Whatcom Community College.

Homeschool Students

What you need:

  • Transcript showing the grade(s) for the full class
  • Name of curriculum or book (i.e. Saxon Algebra 2), including the publication year
  • What part(s)/chapter(s) of the curriculum/book were covered
  • Send the above information to You will be informed of the placement after it has been determined. Students can challenge their placement with the Math Placement Test.


  • Basic Math (MATH 94 or below)
  • Beginning Algebra (MATH 97-98)
  • Intermediate Algebra (MATH 98-99)
  • College Level
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