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The World Languages Department offers language instruction in:

  • American Sign Language
  • Chinese
  • ESL - Academic
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

Languages other than ESLA are offered in a first-year sequence (121, 122, and 123); the foreign language courses fulfill the global requirement for the AAS transfer degree and completion of the 123 level satisfies part of the humanities distribution requirement for the AAS transfer degree. The American Sign Language courses fulfill the diversity requirement for the AAS transfer degree. Second-year courses (221, 222, and 223) and Honors Seminars (295) are also offered in French and Spanish.

ESLA courses offer non-native English speakers the opportunity to improve their English skills in preparation for degree and certificate courses. High-intermediate and advanced ESLA students are able to enroll in college-level courses concurrently with their ESLA classes; some ESLA courses fulfill the global requirement for the AAS transfer degree.

Instructors of these courses employ a variety of teaching methods to address different learning styles and promote the ability to communicate in the target language.

In addition to language instruction, the World Languages Department, in collaboration with the International Programs, supports the Global Awareness Project, the purpose of which is to enhance cross-cultural understanding among the constituents of the WCC community. Activities offered through the Global Awareness Project have included the following:

  • Panel events featuring international students and students from the U.S. discussing issues such as politics
  • The Culturegram, a publication featuring WCC students from other countries and information about their cultures.
  • Guest speakers and artists, including Banat Sahar, a Middle Eastern Dance Troupe, and Pico Iyer, author of Videonight in Kathmandu, The Global Soul, Abandon, and other publications.
  • Production of the film Are We Relating?, which explores the state of the relating ability within the WCC community.
  • An intercultural communication workshop, open to all WCC students.
  • Rotating displays of artifacts from various countries in Heiner Center and Cascade Hall

Additional information about the various courses offered by this department can be acquired by contacting the following faculty: