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Class schedule


  • What does Section A/Section B mean?
  • Do you offer a "senior discount" for Community Education classes?
  • Does Community & Continuing Education offer scholarships for classes?
  • How do I know if a class is full?
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Registering for classes


  • Can I pay my registration fee when I show up for the class?
  • Why do you ask for my birth date?
  • I'm worried about my personal information. Do you sell or distribute information about your students?
  • Why do you need the verification number on my credit card?
  • How do I cancel my registration for a class?
  • How do waiting lists work?
  • If I am on a waiting list, should I come to class to see if the instructor will let me in?
  • Can I just sit in on a class with my friend or partner?
  • What is the last day I can register for a class?
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  • I'm not sure if I'll be able to take a class. Can I just show up?
  • If I am on a waiting list for a class, can I show-up to the class and see if there is room?
  • If a class was too easy or too difficult for me, can I get a refund or take a different class?
  • What is the minimum number of students required for a class to run?
  • How can I learn about an instructor's qualification before I register for a class?
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Children in class


  • Can I attend a class with my child as a helper?
  • How old does a person need to be to take Community & Continuing Education classes?
  • Can I bring my child to class with me?
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Books & supplies


  • Where can I purchase required books for class?
  • When is the bookstore open?
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