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Note: Core course requirements are listed alphabetically, not in the order they should be taken. Core massage classes must be taken in the prescribed sequence.


The massage therapist program does not require any prerequisite classes; however, the certificate requires 15 credits of related instruction.

Planning courses can be complicated. Without all of the information or a plan, you risk wasting your time and money. After attending an information session, schedule an appointment with your advisor to help you plan a sequence of courses for your unique circumstances. If you intend to take any non-core massage program courses somewhere other than WCC, check with an academic advisor regarding the transferability.

Certificate - Massage Therapist

The massage therapist certificate prepares students to work as Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs). As members of the health care community, they work in a variety of settings including hospitals, sports medicine clinics, medical and physical therapy offices/clinics, health clubs, spas, alternative medicine clinics, counseling and rehabilitative centers, and private massage clinics. Program graduates are eligible to sit for state and national licensure exams.

Course requirements (effective fall 2019)

 CORE REQUIREMENTS (courses are listed alphabetically)
 MT 105
 Ethical & Legal Issues for Massage Therapists
 MT 110
 Massage Therapy I
 MT 111
 Massage Therapy II  7
 MT 112
 Massage Therapy III  7
 MT 202
 Kinesiology I for Massage Therapists
 MT 203
 Kinesiology II for Massage Therapists  2
 MT 204
 Kinesiology III for Massage Therapists  2
 MT 205
 Business Applications for Massage Therapists
 MT 240
 Preparation for Massage Licensing
 MT 250
 Student Clinic
 MT 271
 Anatomy & Pathophysiology I for Massage Therapists
 MT 272
 Anatomy & Pathophysiology II for Massage Therapists
 Subtotal  45
 BUS 100
 Business Math (CP)
 or Any college level course designated as Computation on the Related Instruction list (CP)
 ENGL& 101
 English Composition I (CM)
 CMST& 101  Introduction to Communication 5
 or CMST& 210  Interpersonal Communication (HR) 5
 or CMST& 230  Small Group Communication 5
 or CMST& 245
 Introduction to Organizational Communication  5
 Subtotal  15
 Total  60

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