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Theron Eirish

HPC 211

Theron Eirish_smI was led to massage through injuries with extreme skiing accidents and car accidents that herniated, ruptured, compressed and twisted multiple disks in my back. Doctors said I would never run again and I would have chronic debilitating pain the rest of my life. The only surgical option was to go in through the chest, wear a harness for six months resulting in constant pain radiating around the rib cage from the surgery and only a slim chance of it doing me any good. I chose not to do surgery, flushed the pain pills down the toilet and thus began my journey into massage, Chinese medicine, martial arts, qi gong, meditation, multiple bodywork modalities, as well as learning to tune into my body and pain rather than away from it. I learned to push energy through my blockages/injury sites rather than accept the closed path and rewired adaptation that can happen when the body compensates for injury. I have since completed an ironman triathlon and distance trail running events, as well as lead a very active pain-free life.

I am grateful for this journey, the healing I received and role I had to play. It is what has made me into the therapist I am today. My unique background and life experience is helpful to students in my role as Whatcom Community College’s massage therapist program coordinator and instructor. 

In my spare time I enjoy volunteering with the fire department as a firefighter/EMT and taking advantage of all the outdoor activities Bellingham has to offer, including hiking, skiing, surf-skiing, paddle boarding, trail running, and triathlon training. 

I have enjoyed running my own injury rehabilitation office for over 13 years utilizing massage and personal training. During my time as a massage therapist I have worked in a variety of settings including treatment clinics, spas, chiropractic offices, and teaching continuing education classes. 

My educational background and credentials include a bachelor degree in pre-physical therapy from Western Washington University, certified personal trainer for over 18 years, firefighter I, wilderness EMT, and licensed massage therapist. I have enjoyed teaching in a variety of environments including, CEU’s, fitness classes and clients of all levels, online coaching, county fire academies, and in the WCC massage therapist program.

Deborah Henrichs

HPC 102

Deborah HenrichsI am a life-long learner and dedicated educator in health and human movement sciences. I am a Western Washington University alumnus with a master degree in human movement and performance, a bachelor degree in exercise science, and a minor in biology. I am a licensed massage therapist and ACSM certified personal trainer. I have been teaching functional anatomy and other exercise science courses in the department of Health and Human Development at WWU since 2000 and have been teaching functional anatomy at Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts since 2016. I am very excited about my newest teaching opportunity at Whatcom Community College (kinesiology instructor).

I strive to maximize student learning in a professional, approachable way and am enthusiastic about answering questions and sharing interests in neuromusculoskeletal anatomy, function, and adaptation. My favorite things about teaching are igniting student interest in the human body and when students have that wow-moment when information clicks and they can apply concepts learned.

When not in the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my daughter, husband, and cats. I am an avid gardener in the summer and a seeker of affordable travel to warmth in the winter.

Traci Soriano

HPC 102

Traci Soriano_smI teach massage therapy techniques in the massage therapist program at Whatcom Community College. I have been a faculty at Whatcom Community College since 2011. I have studied, trained, and worked in midwifery care and doula services for over 15 years and hold a bachelor degree in psychology with experience working in the criminal justice and social service fields for 10 years. I have been in practice as a massage therapist since 2004 and believe we are partners with our clients to collaboratively create experiences that let them discover what they need. I teach from this perspective also, helping guide and support students to work from a place of service and deep knowledge. I love continually learning about the body and optimum health and wellness. I encourage students to engage in an interactive journey that leads to greater skill and continued curiosity.