Enrolling in the medical assisting program

The medical assisting core face-to-face program courses start each fall quarter; the hybrid (combination of online and face-to-face courses) program begins each winter quarter. There is an enrollment deadline prior to each program start. Late enrollments may be considered on a space-available basis.

Apply now for acceptance into the hybrid medical assisting program starting winter 2020 - submit your complete enrollment packet and related materials. Enrollment packets are being accepted while space remains available.

STEP 1 - Apply to Whatcom Community College

Students must be enrolled at WCC and have an active student identification number (SID) in order to enroll in the medical assisting program and pay related fees.

Apply to WCC online or request a WCC application by email at admit@whatcom.edu, by phone (360) 383-3001, or in person at the entry/advising office, LDC 116. Once you receive your SID number, proceed to STEP 2.

STEP 2 - Obtain and complete medical assisting program enrollment forms

Download the medical assisting program enrollment form packet or contact registration@whatcom.edu or by phone at (360) 383-3030.

STEP 3 - Submit medical assisting enrollment form and supporting materials by the enrollment deadline

Enrollment packets are being accepted while space remains available.

Submit medical assisting program enrollment form, and all required supporting documentation in one complete packet. All materials must be received at the WCC registration/records office by the deadline. Your packet should include:

  • Completed Medical Assisting Intent to Enroll form
  • Completed Intent to Enroll checklist
  • Official transcripts from all previously attended colleges where you earned credits that may apply to the medical assisting program
  • Receipt for the $11 purchase of a Washington State Patrol background check through the WCC business office
  • Personal statement (see details on application form)

Admission is through a first-come, first-served enrollment process for qualifying students

Admission to the medical assisting program is for qualifying students based upon a first come, first served priority basis and the number of seats available in the program. In addition, please note:

  • All applicants can expect to receive notification of status of enrollment by letter within two to four weeks following the enrollment deadline.
  • If you are not accepted you must re-enroll the following year to be considered for program admission the following year. At this time, you will be expected to submit a new background check and pay the corresponding fee.
  • Applicants may choose to appeal admissions decisions. All appeals will be directed to the dean for workforce education at WCC.

Please note: Entry or enrollment into the medical assisting program does not guarantee students a job placement, nor does it guarantee a practicum placement in Whatcom county. Practicum placements often require successful interviews and background checks. Also, due to increased competition for practicum placements in Washington state, Whatcom Community College cannot guarantee that student practicums will be in the last quarter of the medical assisting program classes.

Additional medical assisting program requirements

Students accepted into to the medical assisting degree or certificate programs will need to show documentation that indicates they have begun the required immunization series. Immunization records will also satisfy this requirement. See WCC's specific immunization requirements and policy included with the medical assisting application materials (page 4 of the application form). Required immunizations must be completed prior to clinical competencies performed in the lab portions of the medical assisting program, unless otherwise specified by the program coordinator.

The field of medical assisting requires:

  • a full range of body motion
  • manual and finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination
  • standing and walking for extensive periods of time
  • occasionally lifting and carrying items weighing up to 100 pounds
  • corrected vision and hearing to normal range
  • working under stressful conditions or working irregular hours
  • exposure to communicable diseases or bodily fluids
  • frequent exposure to communicable diseases, toxic substances, medicinal preparations and other conditions common to a clinic environment

Background checks and drug testing

Acceptance into the medical assisting degree or certificate program requires a Washington State Patrol background check to support clinical placements.

Students need to pay a $11 fee to the WCC business office to start the process and submit the receipt with their application. Results of the background check will be provided to the medical assisting program coordinator and all findings will remain confidential to WCC administration. Those students with a negative finding will be required to meet with the program coordinator prior to admittance to discuss possible options. Results of background checks for program applicants are considered valid for six months only.

Students should be aware that some organizations may require drug testing and/or a more extensive background check as a prerequisite to, or condition of, practicum placement. It is the student's responsibility to understand all requirements and the potential impact such requirements may have on their ability to be placed for practicums. These requirements may also be conditions for future employment of the student.