Admission to the nursing assistant program is on a first-come, first-served basis once complete application materials are received at WCC. Classes fill quickly, so submitting your application materials to WCC on or before the deadline is important. The application submission dates for upcoming program start dates are as follows:

 Program starting:
 Applications accepted:
 Fall 2019
 June 3 - Aug. 15, 2019
 Winter 2020
 Aug. 26 - Dec. 5, 2019
 Spring 2020
 Jan. 6 - Mar. 5, 2020
 Summer 2020
 Mar. 23 - May 28, 2020

Late applications will be considered only if there is space available. You must complete the following steps by the nursing Assistant application deadline to be considered for program acceptance:

STEP 1: Apply to Whatcom Community College.

Students must be enrolled at WCC and have an active student identification (SID) number in order to apply for the nursing assistant program and pay related fees.

Apply to WCC online or request a WCC application by email at, by phone 360.383.3001, or in person at the entry/advising office, LDC 116. Once you receive your SID number, proceed to STEP 2.

STEP 2: Obtain and complete nursing assistant application forms.

Download the 2019-20 nursing assistant application or contact, or by phone at (360) 383-3030.

STEP 3: Pay application fee

Students must pay the application fee ($25) on or before the application deadline to be considered for the nursing assistant program. Payment may be made in person with cash, check or credit card at the WCC cashier’s window or mail a check along with a completed application fee payment form to the WCC business office.

Note: The application fee is non-refundable. If you are note admitted to this program with your initial application, there will be no refund of the fee. If you reapply to this program within one year, you will not need to pay the fee again.

STEP 4: Submit the nursing assistant application form and all supporting materials by the application deadline

Submit the completed nursing assistant application form and all supporting documents in one complete packet to WCC’s registration/records office in person or by mail. All materials, whether delivered in person or by mail, must be received at the WCC registration/records office by the deadline to be considered for the nursing assistant program. Incomplete files will not be considered. Late applications will be considered only if there is space available.

Your packet should include:

  • Receipt ($11) from WCC's Business Office for a Washington State Patrol background check*
  • TB (tuberculosis) test results** – TB tests can be done at walk-in clinics, any physician's office, or Whatcom Occupational Health - (360) 676-1693

*Background checks

Acceptance into the nursing assistant program requires a Washington State Patrol background check to support clinical placements. Students need to pay the fee to the WCC Business Office to start the process and submit the receipt with their application. Results of the background check will be provided to the Nursing Assistant Program Coordinator and all findings will remain confidential to WCC Administration. Those students with a negative finding will be required to meet with the Program Coordinator prior to admittance to discuss possible options. Background check results for program applicants are considered valid for 6 months.

**TB test guidelines

Applicants need a two-step PPD (purified protein derivative) skin test performed one to three weeks apart. Two negative test results are required to be considered negative. If any PPDs are positive, a chest x-ray with written results and physician's statement of no symptoms of TB is required. Tuberculin skin test must be repeated every 12 months, unless a test has shown 10 or more mm of induration. Tine test is NOT acceptable. If the PPD expires during time in a clinical facility, the student must update the test prior to the beginning of the quarter in which it expires.

Wait lists

A nursing assistant class wait list is not maintained, however your application paperwork will be kept on file for six months in case you wish to reapply. If you reapply to the program more than six months after your previous application, you will need to undergo another background check and file new application paperwork. Also, if your TB test is more than a year old, you will need to resubmit new results.