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Whatcom offers the following degree:

Degree: Associate in Nursing (DTA/MRP)


Applicants to the core nursing program are required to have completed each of the general education requirements / related instruction courses noted below in the degree template, before the application deadline.

Also note that BIOL& 160 (General Biology with Lab, 5 credits) and PSYC& 100 (General Psychology, 5 credits) are prerequisite courses to other courses embedded in the degree.

Planning prerequisite courses can be complicated. Without all of the information or a plan, you risk wasting your time and money. After attending an information session, schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to help you plan a sequence of courses for your unique circumstances. If you intend to take prerequisite courses somewhere other than WCC, check with an academic advisor about transferability.

CPR Requirements – Nursing students must have a current American Heart Association: Health Care Provider Course CPR certification. No other CPR certification is accepted.

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Associate in Nursing (DTA/MRP)

The purpose of the nursing degree is to educate students to practice nursing within varied health care settings in collaboration with other members of the health care team, and to assist individuals who are experiencing health care problems to progress toward optimal health and wellness. The program prepares students to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).

Degree requirements (effective fall 2020)

Courses with an asterisk (*) require a grade of 3.0 (B) or better.

 ENGL& 101*
 English Composition I (CM)
 MATH& 146*
 Introduction to Statistics
 CHEM& 121*
 Introduction to Chemistry
 BIOL& 160
 General Biology with Lab
 BIOL& 260*
 Microbiology  5
 BIOL& 241*
 Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 (taken within 5 years prior to application date)
 BIOL& 242*
 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 (taken within 5 years prior to application date)
 PSYC& 100
 General Psychology
 PSYC& 200*
 Lifespan Psychology
 CMST OC  Any CMST or CMST& course designated as "OC" 5
 Humanities - courses designated H/Hp 10
 Subtotal  60
 NURS 170
 Introduction to Pharmacology Concepts
 NUTR 114
 Introduction to Nutrition in Healthcare
 NURS 171
 Introduction to Nursing Concepts with Practicum
 PHIL 118
 Ethics and Policy in Healthcare I
 PSYC 114
 Psychosocial Issues in Healthcare I
 NUTR 115
 Nutrition in Healthcare II
 NURS 172
 Nursing Concepts with Practicum I
 PSYC 115
 Psychosocial Issues in Healthcare II
 NUTR 116
 Nutrition in Healthcare III
 NURS 173  Nursing Concepts with Practicum II
 PHIL 119
 Ethics and Policy in Healthcare II
 PSYC 116
 Psychosocial Issues in Healthcare III
 NUTR 117
 Nutrition in Healthcare IV
 NURS 271
 Nursing Concepts with Practicum III
 PHIL 214
 Ethics and Policy in Healthcare III 1
 PSYC 214
 Psychosocial Issues in Healthcare IV 1
 NUTR 214
 Nutrition in Healthcare V 1
 NURS 272
 Nursing Concepts with Practicum IV
 PHIL 215
 Ethics and Policy in Healthcare IV 1
 PSYC 215
 Psychosocial Issues in Healthcare V 1
 NURS 273
 Nursing Concepts with Practicum V
 PHIL 216
 Ethics and Policy in Healthcare V
 Subtotal  75
 Total  135

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