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Program overview

The paralegal studies program provides students with the knowledge and skills for entry into paralegal careers in a variety of professional settings.

WCC offers an associate in science (AS) degree in paralegal studies (90-94 credits) and a certificate option (48-55 credits). Both prepare students for challenging career opportunities. The certificate is designed for baccalaureate degree holders and can be completed in one year. It will be awarded to students upon completion of all certificate requirements and evidence of having earned a bachelor’s degree.

Program outcomes

Upon successful completion of WCC's paralegal studies degree or paralegal studies certificate, graduates should be able to...

  1. Describe the components of the Justice system and the roles and responsibilities of the core branches.
  2. Explain federal and Washington laws used in the U.S. courts.
  3. Describe the law relating to drafting and interpretation of contracts, the basic substantive law of torts, civil litigation and discover process.
  4. Interview clients to initially assess legal issues and causes of action.
  5. Utilize office administration and legal software programs.
  6. Draft legal correspondence, briefs, and pleading language to produce legal documents.
  7. Perform legal research utilizing the internet, software-based search systems, and law library physical resources.
  8. Articulate the legal and ethical principles associated with practicing law.

Build a class schedule that works for you

The majority of core paralegal studies courses are offered in the evening to accommodate students with daytime obligations at work, home, or elsewhere. Many general education courses are offered morning, midday, evening and online for maximum flexibility. Log into WCC Starfish or schedule an appointment with an advisor for assistance with building a plan that is right for you.