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Message from LewerMark Insurance Company
regarding COVID-19 and international students' coverage

We at LewerMark are following closely the latest developments regarding the coronavirus. We want to reassure you we are available to partner with you to navigate this evolving situation. Please see important information below about policy coverage:

1. There is no provision in your LewerMark international student health insurance policy that excludes coverage for the coronavirus. This means that treatment of the coronavirus is covered under the plan similar to other illnesses.

a. For instance, coverage for the coronavirus may be covered up to the plan maximum as indicated in the policy brochure, unless it’s determined to be a pre-existing condition. Pre-existing conditions are covered up to the pre-ex maximum allowed under the plan, as applicable. Not all students are subject to pre-existing condition limitations; if you have questions about pre-existing conditions, please contact LewerMark at 1-800-821-7710.

2. Eligibility: LewerMark coverage is designed specifically for international students who are actively attending classes on a full-time basis. To be considered eligible, a student must begin the academic term actively attending class for up to 31 consecutive days following the beginning of the then-current term, unless the student is unable to attend class due to an acute covered sickness or injury. If a student suffers an acute covered sickness or injury during his/her first 31 days of classes, the 31-consecutive-day requirement may be waived.

a. Please note that students remaining in the United States between the spring, and subsequent fall terms, are eligible for continuous coverage under LewerMark’s student plan.

b. In the event a student is diagnosed with the coronavirus, and is unable to return to class, the student may apply for an insured term off. The student must return to class as a full-time student for the following term, to remain insurance eligible.

3. Should the student become quarantined as a result of COVID-19 illness, he/she will be ineligible to return home. However, Scholastic Emergency Services (SES) may cover the cost of a compassionate visit from a family member if the student is hospitalized for 5 or more days. Likewise, should the student experience the loss of an immediate family member, SES will cover the cost of a round trip ticket so that the student may return to his/her home country.

4. For students who are worried, or experiencing apprehension regarding the coronavirus, Morneau Shepell (mySSP) is available 24/7 to support students, and can provide the following:

a. Advisors who speak the member’s language and understand cultural needs.

b. Complete confidentiality, and availability for as many appointments as needed.

c. Accessible support via mobile interface, web chat and over the phone.

i. Download the mobile app, “MySSP”, or call them directly at 1-866-743-7732.

ii. To initiate a mobile chat, visit Select your school, then country of origin, then begin the chat.

While these statements do not guarantee benefits, we at LewerMark understand the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19/coronavirus and we’ve offered the above guidance as an attempt to address many questions about your coverage. Please remember that this guidance is generalized and simply cannot address each individual’s particular situation, and for this reason, the coverage discussions offered above cannot be and are not considered binding.

Should you have questions about a verified scenario, please reach out to the LewerMark client advocacy team at 1-800-821-7710, 8:00 – 6:00 CST, M-F. Our staff is highly trained to assist with your concerns.

In all situations, The Lewer Agency’s claims personnel will determine benefit eligibility in accordance with the applicable coverage provisions once all claims and any other relevant information have been received.

For more information regarding COVID-19/coronavirus, please visit the CDC website by clicking here


Medical costs in the USA are very high, and even a minor illness or accident can result in a large medical bill. For this reason, all Whatcom Community College international students are required to have medical and accident insurance at all times throughout their studies.

In order to protect students and to make insurance enrollment as simple as possible, Whatcom has contracted with Lewer Health Insurance Company for a comprehensive and convenient student health plan.


Plan highlights

Maximum Paid Per Accident or Sickness:  $500,000
Annual Maximum (consecutive 12 months): $500,000
Student Cost for Office/Clinic Visit (including acupuncture): $20 per visit*
Student Cost for Hospital Visit: $100 
Preventative Care Services: Covered at 100% up to $250 per year*
Ambulance Services: Covered at 100%
Prescriptions: Covered at 50%* 
Mental Health/Substance Abuse: Maximum of 30 visits per year*
Medical Evacuation: $50,000
Repatriation: $25,000

*Please note: Lewer student health insurance is affiliated with a network of health care providers (PPOs) under the First Health group of insurance companies. The figures shown above are for any doctor or clinic within the First Health PPO network. Costs for using a doctor outside of the First Health PPO network may be higher.

For more information about Lewer insurance, please see the Related Links or visit the LewerMark website:


Seeking medical treatment

In the US, hospitals are used primarily in emergency situations only. If a student needs treatment for a minor injury or illness, or for routine medical care, s/he should go to a walk-in medical clinic (no appointment needed) or make an appointment to see a general practice doctor or specialist.

To find a walk-in clinic or a doctor or specialist that is covered by Lewer insurance, please see the Related Links column.



Lewer health insurance is paid quarterly and is automatically added to the student’s bill each quarter at registration. The current cost per quarter is $349.


Coverage Period

For new students: health insurance coverage begins when the student enters the U.S., up to 30 days before classes begin and ends one day before the next quarter's classes begin
For current students:  coverage begins the first day of the quarter and ends one day before the next quarter's classes begin.


Vacation Quarter

We strongly recommend that students continue their insurance during the vacation quarter to ensure they have adequate coverage. Students are allowed to “opt out” of Lewer insurance during a vacation quarter; however, a student who “opts out” of Lewer would be without health and accident insurance from the day the vacation quarter begins until the first day of the quarter that the student returns to Whatcom. Please note that the Lewer insurance policy provides coverage in all countries except the student's home country.


Completion of Program

After completing their program, students are covered for 30 days from the last day of their final quarter before returning home. Students can purchase additional insurance for coverage for the entire 60 days of grace period allowed under F-1 regulations  Students who transfer from Whatcom to another institution will not be covered beyond the last day of their final quarter at WCC.



Students who are approved for Optional Practical Training (OPT) may continue their Lewer insurance for up to 12 months from their graduation date.