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Remote internships

During the COVID pandemic, students are still able to pursue academic internships for credit that are remote. Students can consider utilizing current work placements or seek out new remote internship opportunities.

  • Students are advised to stay connected with their internship site supervisor if they've already been placed for a spring/summer internship. Don't hesitate to ask about and request remote work options. Students are able to enroll for academic credit up to the eighth week of the quarter.
  • If you are preparing for graduation and have COOP credit as a requirements, students can reach out to both the cooperative education program coordinator and their professional/technical program coordinator about graduation requirement options. In some cases an online internship may not be feasible or desirable. Faculty and departments may need to create projects or learning experiences that meet the program’s outcomes.
  • Email the cooperative education program coordinator for support in developing a plan and identifying opportunities.

Michelle Heitmann, Cooperative Education Program Coordinator
Voicemail: 360-383-3700

Program overview

Internships and cooperative education are opportunities for students gain valuable work experience that can serve our local workforce. These experience foster student’s academic and professional growth, while obtaining academic credit. Students gain credit for the demonstration of learning which occurs during an internship experience. Internships are required for some professional-technical programs of study but are also valuable for any student seeking to develop their academic and professional skills.

By pursuing an internship, students can:

  • Explore a new career field of interest
  • Confirm their career choice is a good fit
  • Apply new skills gained in the classroom
  • Gain practical and relevant work experience
  • Build their resume, portfolio and professional references
  • Increase their marketability when job searching


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