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Internships provide an opportunity for your business or nonprofit to build capacity of your team, while also screening qualified new employees. You can select from a pool of motivated, professional, and diverse students who are eager to apply knowledge and skills to your workplace. Internships provide an opportunity to scale up production, while providing a cost-effective trial period to gauge new talent.

Hosting interns can also increase your company’s visibility on campus and recruit the best candidates. A well-planned internship is an investment in your company and your future workforce.


  • Bring high-demand skills, training in best practices and emerging technologies from cutting edge programs.
  • Offer fresh perspectives and creative problem-solving skills to your company.
  • Are energetic and motivated to gain real-world experience.

Internships can be very flexible to meet the needs of your business. The amount of hours per week, schedule, and length of time can vary. Internships often range from four to fifteen hours a week, can be paid or unpaid, and can range from three to six months, or longer.

How do I begin hosting an intern?

  1. Connect with the cooperative education program coordinator to discuss student populations, capacity, work study eligibility, and review timeline.
  2. Develop a job description, with specific job duties, qualifications, and schedule requirements. Begin identifying a specific supervisor, consider where the student will be working, and plan for initial orientation training.
  3. Post your internship on our website and work with the coordinator to market the opportunity to targeted students.
  4. Interview and select the best candidate, work with them to create learning objectives and a plan for success!

For success, it is essential to identify one supervisor that will help provide orientation/initial training, supervision, mentoring, and evaluation of the student's performance.

Employer limitations

  • Internships cannot be home based.
  • Employer must have a current business license.
  • Paid internships must pay a guaranteed hourly wage or salary that is not based on a minimum deliverable of sales or performance. Commission-only pay and multi-level marketing opportunities are not allowed.
  • Opportunities that require any equipment, training or products to be purchased as a condition of employment are not allowed.

Legal requirements for employer

  • Provide a safe environment for your interns and employees
  • Be an Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act

Right of refusal: We reserve the right to refuse service if an organization has any unresolved investigations, complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, or for other valid reasons.