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The Honors Program is designed to recognize academically talented students and to provide them with a variety of challenging opportunities such as:

  • Studying a subject in more depth than a regular class allows
  • Exploring the interrelationship of knowledge
  • Developing their talents and creativity
  • Interacting with other talented students
  • Both students and faculty benefit from the increased intellectual stimulation provided by the program


Program options

Students have the option of enrolling in designated honors courses that have an additional two-credit component. Students meet weekly with the faculty member and up to ten other honors students to explore a topic in the subject area in depth. As a second option, after the student has completed at least one honors course, he or she may work with a faculty member on a special project that would demonstrate an advanced level of knowledge about a particular subject area. 



Honors students register early to assure them access to courses with honors components. Provided they meet program requirements, they will graduate with Honors in the Honors Program, which will be reflected on their transcripts. 


For more information

Obtain printed materials, application forms and seminar schedules in the Division Support Office in Cascade Hall, room 145, or call 360.383.3256.


Download the information and application below:

You can easily obtain an unofficial transcript for your application by going to MyWCC select Unofficial Transcript.