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Community Statement

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The Intercultural Center supports educational equity and academic achievement for diverse student populations by providing access to resources and a safe place to connect through a culture of inclusion and respect. Our connections with each other are important! Many of us learn better when we study together. In the Intercultural Center, we consider community building to be an invaluable component of academic support as well as an important way to work toward social justice.

We are moving our community online and will continue to support online academic and social success with instructor hours, talkin' story weekly dialogue, events, and more. 


Virtual Intercultural Center

Photo of a student sitting in front of a laptop and smiling, with text " Virtural Intercultural Center; Every Weekday at 11 AM and 3 PM."

The Virtual Intercultural Center opens every weekday at 11:00am and 3:00pm.  Jump into the center for questions and answers, academic support and resources, games, lively conversation, and social and well-being check-ins. Join us every Wednesday for talkin' story, a community gathering place for sharing stories and engaging in critical dialogue. 

Zoom ID 360 383 3100

Engagement & coaching

  • Tuesdays @ 11am | Suni Eisenberg, AIM Coach 
  • Thursdays @ 12pm | Kunbi, Associate Director for Student Life & Development

English, reading, & writing

  • Thursdays @ 2pm | Anna, English faculty
  • Mondays @ 11am, Thursdays @ 3pm | Candice, peer reader from the Writing Center

Talkin' Story

  • Wednesdays @ 12pm 


Connect to online learning and support

Click the images below for more information.  

link to guides for using zoom link to website for online learning tips for students link to Canvas student guides link to a video diary called Intercultural Center shorts

Time Management 

Managing time on a regular day is hard; therefore, we get it.  Managing time in a new learning environment (home) with distractions can be even harder.  Here's a couple of ideas: 

  1. Watch this video.
  2. Use this weekly time tracker.  Dedicate time to schoolwork and ask your household to agree that this is your school-work-only time.  Be sure to include at least 2 hours of study time per credit hour. 
  3. Create a school-work-only work space.  Ideas include: 
    • Push a dining room table to a wall and face that wall while you work.  
    • Clear out one side of a closet and work in there. 
    • Face a chair to an empty corner.
    • Hang a sheet to separate your desk from your bed.

If you need school-related supplies, please contact us.

Check us out our video diary and other community building events on Facebook, YouTube, and Instragram!  We love taking suggestions!  What will keep you engaged with school and life?  Send us your suggestions!

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