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Whatcom Community College's Programming and Diversity Board (PDB) is the activities board for the College. The PDB is responsible for planning many of the campus' events and activities including club fairs, students conferences, movie nights, dances, intercultural events and much, much more.

Mission: The mission of the Whatcom Community College's Programming & Diversity Board is to develop board member's individual leadership skills, while providing intentional opportunities for all students to enrich their college experience by engaging with campus and the surrounding community; in order to enhance their social, cultural, and educational development.

ASWCC Programming and Diversity Board


Marcella Jennifer
ASWCC Vice President for Programming

Marcella (she, her, hers) is an international student from Indonesia. She plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in finance at 4-year university upon graduating from WCC. Her great desire to build a more welcoming, healthy, and adequate study environment has motivated her to become a part of the ASWCC Executive Board. Outside of school, Marcella enjoys watching movies as well as talking to friends and acquaintances.


Kenji Sherpa
ASWCC Director for Health and Wellness Programming

Kenji (she, her, hers) a Running Start student from Bellingham High School perusing an Associates in Arts and Science and she hopes to major in Neuroscience. She has been part of various extracurricular activities and has gained recognition for academic excellence. With her knowledge and experiences, she wants to assist students and bring change in the campus and the community as whole, this coming year. Also, she as a great passion and interest in medicine and hopes to become a future pillar of the healthcare field.


Franklyn Winston
ASWCC Director for Academic Success Programming

Frank (he, him, his) is an international student from Indonesia. He plans to study Industrial Engineering after graduating from WCC. His desire to provide welcoming environment for students and develop himself further motivated him to become a part of ASWCC Programming and Diversity Board. He believes that it is important to be successful academically and socially by being active in community.


Ernesto Giovanni
ASWCC Director for Campus Collaborative Programming

Ernesto (he, him, his) is an international student from Indonesia, currently pursuing a pre-medicine degree in microbiology in hopes of one day becoming a surgeon. He likes to enjoy his free time by playing soccer or watching movies with friends. His vision and hopes for this position are to collaborate with new clubs, student groups and individuals to create unique events that are fun and educational, and hopefully to be able to come up with events that have never been done before.