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On May 7th, 2003, House Bill (HB) 1079 was signed into law by Governor Gary Locke. This law allows students who meet the criteria below to be considered "residents" but only for the purposes of paying tuition fees at Washington State colleges and universities. Resident or in-state tuition rates are far less than those of non-resident status.

To be eligible for HB 1079, students must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Completed the full senior year of high school and obtained a high school diploma at a Washington public or private high school or received the equivalent of a diploma;
  2. Lived in Washington state for at least three calendar years (36 months) immediately prior to receiving the diploma or its equivalent;
  3. Continuously lived in the state of Washington after receiving the diploma or its equivalent and until such time as the student is admitted to an institution of higher education.

Please note: House Bill 1079 does not change a student's legal citizenship status. The law means that HB 1079 students qualify to pay the same tuition rates that all other resident students pay.

I meet the three requirements above. What's the next step? 

Students must sign an affidavit in the Registration office, located in Laidlaw Center (LDC) 102, in order to change their tuition rates to resident status. The affidavit that HB 1079 students are required to sign is a confidential statement verifying that he/she qualifies to pay resident tuition and that he/she will seek legal permanent residency when legally permitted to do so.

The affidavit can also be viewed on the Washington Student Achievement Council web page:

For questions or additional information regarding this process, please contact:

Tanya Zaragoza-Rosas
Admissions Outreach Coordinator
K-12 Partnerships
Foundation Building 202

Terri Thayer
Associate Director for Academic Advising & Career Services
Entry & Advising
Laidlaw Center (LDC) 116

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