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When you are eligible to apply for a loan, you will receive a financial aid email notification. Your notification may include information about your grant awards OR may let you know that you are not grant eligible but can now apply for a loan. To be eligible, a student must enroll for at least half-time (6 credits). Your eligibility to apply for a loan is based on your financial aid award. Do not attempt to complete the loan process until you receive your notification. You can see this status on the financial aid portal as well.

If you owe tuition and we notify you that your loan application is completed two weeks prior to the tuition due date, you will not be dropped from your classes. Submitting a loan worksheet is not enough to meet the requirements to hold your classes—the loan must be complete and certified by the Financial Aid Office. 

Yes, I am eligible to apply for a loan at WCC

No, I am not yet eligible to apply for a loan at WCC


If you have difficulties, please contact the Financial Aid Office or Direct Loans at:
Federal Direct Loans
p 1.800.557.7394