Need Materials?

The Outreach Office is happy to provide you with course catalogs, viewbooks, pennants, applications, and other materials. Email to request items. 



We would love to come to your school and present to a class or group of students. Please email to schedule a presentation.


Placement Tests

Whatcom provides placement testing in local high schools every spring. This allows students to take the test in a familiar environment on their high school campus. Please email to schedule a placement test for your graduating seniors interested in attending Whatcom this Fall.


Group Visits

If you have a group of students that are interested in checking out Whatcom, schedule a group visit through the Outreach Office. The structure of the visit will vary by group depending on needs and program interest. The traditional structure of the visit includes a campus tour led by a Student Ambassador, an informational overview of our degree programs and the enrollment process, and specific program information upon request. Please email to schedule a group visit for up to 50 students.


College Fairs

Whatcom does not host a College Fair on our campus, but we would love to attend yours! Email to invite us to your fairs and other events.



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  • What does WCC offer for student life?
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