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How do I pay fees?

You can pay your Running Start fees online or through the Cashier office, Laidlaw Center. Click here for cashier information

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What does Running Start give me for free?

Running Start pays for tuition your college level credits. That is a value of $116.26 per credit. Depending on how many classes you are taking at high school, Running Start can give you up to 15 credits of free tuition (saving you $1,604 per quarter). However, there are still fees associated with being a college student that may not be covered by Running Start.


Why do I have to pay fees?

Fees cover essential services like technology for campus and the Learning Center; and student-approved services like the Student Recreation Center. You may not opt out of these fees but qualifying Running Start students may get these waived (See 'How do I get charges waived?' below)


What's on my bill?

  • School Fees
    • $12.32 per credit for credits 1-10, and $6.32 per credit for credits 11-15
    • These fees can be waived (see below)*
  • Bus Pass
    • $20 flat fee
    • This fee can be waived (see below)*
  • Lab & Materials Fees (only if you are in these classes and these CANNOT be waived)
    • Art and Art-Graphics classes – $15-$25,
    • Science lab classes – $20-$30,
    • Nursing 100 – $75
    • Dance – $25
    • CIS – $15-$25
    • PE 126 – $20
    • Other miscellaneous courses
  • Tuition if you are enrolled in "too many" credits
    • Enrolled in more credits than your eligibility (i.e. more than 15 credits)
    • $116.26 per regular credit, $120 per online credit.
    • These fees can be waived (see below)*
  • Tuition if you are enrolled in classes numbered 99 or lower
    • Example: Math 98
    • These fees cannot be waived

*How do I get charges waived?

Fees can only be waived for qualifying students. If you get free or reduced lunch, receive state or federal aid such as healthcare, or are a foster youth, some fees are waived. Fill out a Fee Waiver (purple form in Application Packet) form in the Running Start office. A Fee Waiver can only be used on fees and tuition for college level courses (courses numbered 100 or higher). 


What are examples of some totals I might owe?

  • $81.60 if you are enrolled in 5 credits (typically  one class)
  • $143.20 if you are enrolled in 10 credits (typically two classes)
  • $174.80 if you are enrolled in 15 credits (typically three classes)
  • $204.80 if you are enrolled in three classes and one of them is a science class.