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Math placement in the event of campus closure, remote operations or closure of proctored testing.  

Students needing math placement will schedule a virtual or phone appointment with an advisor. The advisor will facilitate the math placement process following the steps below:

  1. Student math placement should follow the existing procedures on the college website with the following change (#2) when taking the math placement test is the appropriate step.
  2. Students with no other viable placement method may determine their own placement using the existing high school transcript placement grid on the website. The grid should be used as a guide for the individual to reflect on their last math course taken, grade earned, and length of time since taking the class. Course descriptions and outcomes may also help students choose their best starting math course.
  3. The advisor will assist the student with registering for the selected math course and waive any applicable prerequisites.
  4. The advisor will make a note in StarFish indicating the student’s math course choice.


Does the two-year rule still apply when using the high school transcripts?
Can students who have a previous math placement score use this process?
Can a student still utilize the practice component of Aleks?
Do students still need to pay the placement fee?

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