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Blue Slip Process

Instructors may allow students to enroll in full classes, enroll in classes with waitlists, override prerequisites, or register late.  Students must request a Blue Slip permission form from the instructor.  The Blue slip expires three days after the instructor signs it.

In the format below, please include your full name, Student ID number, class item number (ex: 1505), course (ex: ENGL&101), and section (ex: A, B, OL1).

Look up class information:      

Find your Instructor's Email Address here.

Email Blue Slip Permission

 Student Name and SID:  
 Course (ex: ENGL&101):  
 Item number:  
 First day of attendance:  

 Instructor gives permission to:

(Delete any that do not apply, then

forward to

 Over enroll

 Enroll after the third day

 Override prerequisite                              


Registration will accept email permission from an instructor with the following steps: 

  1. Copy and paste, then complete the table above.  Students should send this information directly to their instructor.
  2. Instructors please approve the request, by responding to both and the student or decline the request by responding to the student directly. 
  3. Students with approved waivers will receive a confirmation email from once registration is complete. Students must pay for the class within the published tuition deadlines or risk being dropped for nonpayment.