Who should apply for graduation?

All students who wish to have a degree or certificate of 45 credits or more awarded must submit a graduation application. Students should submit their application for the quarter they plan to finish the degree/certificate requirements. This is the graduation quarter. If applying for more than one degree or certificate you should apply for them in the same session. The graduation application is valid for 4 quarters. If the student has finished the requirements before the current quarter, they should print a paper application and submit it to the Graduation Department.

Note: To change the degree or certificate you previously applied for, please visit the graduation department in LDC 102 with photo identification.

How do I apply for graduation?

Applying for graduation is easy! First determine what degree or certificate you are working towards, second when will you finish requirements for your degree/certificate (this is your graduation quarter), then go to our online application and follow the steps.

When should I apply for graduation?

We strongly encourage you to submit your application to us by the priority deadline, which is the 3rd Friday of the quarter prior to your graduation quarter. You can begin submitting your application as soon as you have registered for your second to last quarter. For example, if you plan to graduate spring quarter then submit your application after you register for winter quarter classes, but not later than the end of the third week of winter quarter to meet the priority deadline.

If you missed the priority deadline, it is not too late to apply. You can submit your application online until the last day of the quarter you plan to graduate. If applying after the last day of the quarter students should print a paper application and submit it to the Graduation Department.

When will I receive a response to my graduation application?

If you met the priority deadline, you will hear from the graduation department in time to adjust your final quarter schedule if needed to meet requirements. If you apply after the priority deadline, you may not receive a response until after your final quarter has ended. We encourage you to make an appointment with an advisor to make sure you are on track to meet requirements.

What happens after I finish my requirements?

After grades are posted, graduation applications are finalized and degrees/certificates are posted to transcripts. This process takes several weeks to finish each quarter. Once your degree or certificate posts to the transcript, you will receive notice in the US mail. If you need a transcript sent with your degree posted, please visit the National Student Clearinghouse and order a transcript to be sent after your degree or certificate is posted.

Can I extend my graduation application?

Yes, you can. Your application is now valid for four quarters. There is no need to reapply if you do not complete your requirements in the first quarter of your current application. We will send notification of your remaining requirements at the end of the first application quarter, and your application will remain active for the next three quarters. For example, graduation applications submitted for Fall quarter remain active until the end of Summer quarter. You will not hear from the graduation department again until the end of the quarter you complete all requirements or the application expires. We encourage you to continue working with an advisor toward completing your degree or certificate at Whatcom.

You are now ready to get started!

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