About the Intercultural Center, what we do, and how to find us

The Intercultural Center supports educational equity and academic achievement for diverse student populations by providing access to resources and a safe place to connect through a culture of inclusion and respect. Our connections with each other are important! Many of us learn better when we study together. In the Intercultural Center, we consider community building to be an invaluable component of academic support as well as an important way to work toward social justice.

Our location is in Syre Student Center 217. Please come visit us! We encourage you to drop by if you have any questions, need personal or academic support, want to talk, or even simply want a safe and welcoming place to hang out or eat lunch. We offer drop-in tutoring hours in conjunction with the Learning Center (currently offering German, French, and math tutoring), laptops to check out for use in the Intercultural Center, offer workshops, and have a social justice library and videos for use in the Intercultural Center.

We are now offering Stone Soup, on Wednesdays from 12 to 1 p.m. What do you bring to the pot? These lunches are opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to meet in an informal space to connect, talk, enjoy food together, and build a stronger community! Please bring your own food! This was in response to students who told us how much they valued any time spent getting to know faculty informally outside of the classroom. Our relationships with each other are important! Please come get to know each other! Tell your story! Listen to other folks' stories! Build community! So please come and spread the word!

Student Groups

The Intercultural Center supports several student groups on campus. Student groups are a fantastic way to get connected on campus whether you’re a brand new or a returning student. Additionally, student groups and clubs offer a great way to develop leadership skills and build your resume. 

Black Student Association (BSA)- Black Student Association is one of the student groups under ESA. BSA is by and for African-American and/or Black students on Whatcom Community College's campus determined to building a safe, solid, and empowering environment for students to succeed and thrive in the College setting. This organization is not exclusively for Black Students and is welcoming of anyone to come and learn about supporting students of Whatcom Community College and the greater Black Community.


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