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Please complete the steps below required for Whatcom Community College International Evaluations:

NOTE: You only need to request an evaluation if you are seeking a WCC degree or certificate and want to apply credits earned at your International Institution of Higher Education.

  1.  Request Two Official Academic Records/Transcripts

  2. Request one of the official transcripts be mailed to:
  3. Whatcom Community College
    Attn: Credentials Evaluation Department
    237 W Kellogg Road
    Bellingham, WA 98226

  4. Request the second copy of the official transcripts be mailed to you. You will then include that transcript when you submit the completed application form to the International Credentials Service you choose to use (See below for more information). Depending on the agency selected they may require additional documentation.

  5. If your records are not already in English, you must include a Certified Literal English translation with both official academic records/transcripts requested above.

  6. Visit for Certified translators from the American Translators Association

  8. Choose an International Credentials Evaluation Service

  9. WCC will accept any course by course evaluation provided by any agency approved by NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services) that examines educational/academic records for the purpose of determining U.S. standards. You must choose a “course-by-course” evaluation. Accepted agencies include: FIS, WES, and Josef Silny & Associates, etc. For a complete list, see

    Note: FIS: Foundation for International Services is a local agency located in Edmonds, WA.

  10. Prices vary by agency and range from $150-$250.

  11. Have an official copy of the evaluation report sent to WCC
  12. Whatcom Community College 
    Attn: Credentials Evaluation Department
    237 W Kellogg Road
    Bellingham, WA 98226

  13. Report Results
  • Once Whatcom receives the official report and all official transcripts we will process the evaluation.
  • International evaluations typically are applied as elective credits at Whatcom. Introductory courses may possibly be applied as distribution credit. For other types of courses to be applied toward distribution requirements, request English versions of course descriptions be sent directly to WCC from your previous institution(s). They must be descriptions from the time you completed the courses.
  • Whatcom will mail results within 3 weeks of receiving all required information.