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Class notes

Abstract Algebra Online: This site contains many of the definitions and theorems from the area of mathematics generally called abstract algebra.

Abstract Algebra Study Guide: Online notes written by John Beachy and William Blair for students using the textbook Abstract Algebra. Notes intended to help students with proofs and with computations. Includes Java applet written by John Wavrik of the University of California at San Diego.

Basic Math and Prealgebra Mathematics: Notes, mini-lessons, worksheets, extra practice on mathematical concepts from Basic Math and Prealgebra.

Calculus Help by W. Michael Kelley: Detailed tutorials. Requires free JAVA download. Site created and maintained by W. Michael Kelley.

Calculus Notes (UBC): University of British Columbia mathematics department.

Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations Notes: Notes and tutorials by Paul Dawkins of Lamar University. Classes include algebra, calculus I II III, linear algebra and differential equations. There is a review of algebra/trig for calculus students, a complex number primer, a set of common math errors, and some tips on how to study math.

Fractals: NWMI Mini Course: Introduction to fractals written by Will and Rhonda Webber. Fractal curves, systems, Tower of Hanoi, Abacabadabacaba, and more.

Linear Algebra Notes. Terence Tao (instructor, UCLA 2002): UCLA math 115A (fall 2002). Course information, lecture notes, sample exams and solutions, Java applets. Notes written by Terence Tao (Analysis Group, UCLA).

Math Class Notes (Varsity Notes): Large directory of free lecture notes. Links to many university and college instructor’s course notes. Site is maintained and copyrighted by Varsity Notes. Not all links are maintained.

Online Lecture Notes in Mathematics: Website with links to lectures, videos, and notes on many topics. Created and maintained by Keith Matthews, Brisbane, Australia.

Open Course Ware (Freeinuk): A list of a few universities which offer courses under the OpenCourseWare (OCW) system. Maintained by

Open Online Courses in Mathematics: A free collection of open college courses that includes videos, audio lectures, and notes given by professors at Harvard, Princeton and MIT.

S.O.S. Math: Review of topics from arithmetic to differential equations. There are no interactive materials within the notes, but there are links to "Cyberexams". The explanations are complete and would supplement a course.

Teachers' Lab: Site provides deeper understanding of commonly taught math and science concepts. Each lab combines online activities with background information, interactive polls or worksheets.


AAAMath: Free, online, interactive arithmetic exercises and problems.

Algebra Tutorials: Tutorials in all areas of math: college algebra, intermediate algebra, beginning algebra, math for the sciences, or preparing for the math part of the general GRE, THEA or ACCUPLACER test. Copyrighted  Kim Seward, West Texas A&M University.

All Experts; Mathematics: Volunteers available to answer questions that you type. Tutor profiles available. You choose to whom to send the question.

Basic Math: Interactive review of basic math concepts produced by GCF Global Learning. Site includes activities and tutorials with visuals and sound. Requires free registration.

Basic Math through Calculus (Wei Chong): Videos and tutors available for basic math through calculus. Computer voice a little distracting but text listed for reading. Written and maintained as Math Expression by Wei Chong.

e-Tutor (The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium): A number Washington Community Colleges are partnering with The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium to provide free online tutoring assistance to students. Follow log in instructions on webpage.

Math Forum: Dr. Math: Archive of math questions for all subjects. Tutors available. The Math Forum is a research and educational enterprise of the Goodwin College of Professional Studies, Drexel University.

Pre-calculus to Differential Equations and Linear Algebra Tutorials: Harvey Mudd College tutorials in Pre-Calculus, Single and Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations.

Purple Math: Free resources: lessons, forums, tutors, other sites, study skills. Purple Math was developed by Elizabeth Stapel, Post Office Box 1184, Palatine IL 60078-1184, USA.


Videos and open courseware

EdX: World-Wide University Open Coursework: Free web-based publication of virtually all course content at over 30 acclaimed universities world-wide. Requires free registration to access current and future course offerings.

Free Math Help from Study Habits: Free math videos, guides, and links to other websites. Site copyrighted and maintained by

Khan Academy: Video lectures organized by mathematical subject. Select subject area. Then either type a topic in the “search” box or select a video by topic.

Math TV: Excellent site with screencast lectures for all areas of math. Use menu in left window when you arrive at the site. Maintained by Math

MIT Mathematics Open Courseware
: Lecture videos, notes, quizzes of all math courses taught at MIT.

Whatcom Elementary and Intermediate Algebra Support Materials: Links to outside resources based around Whatcom's Math 97-98-99 curriculum. Assembled by Nathan Hall, mathematics faculty.


Specific topics

Advanced placement

Advanced Placement Program Information: About AP. Why Participate? How To Enroll? Maintained by, Inc.

AP Credit by College: Here is a link to the College Board site that provides credit award information for ALL colleges and universities. Just type the name of the college in the inquiry box.

Chaos theory

Chaos Theory: A Brief Introduction: Archive of articles from Thinkquest Library site.


Chemistry: composition of a compound: Tutorial, examples, and hands on practice calculating the percent composition (percentage composition) of a chemical compound. AUS-e-TUTE is being developed by experienced science teachers to provide FREE chemistry tutorials for high school students.

Mathematics in Chemistry: Basic mathematics and complex mathematical methods and concepts in chemistry. Developed by Shodor in cooperation with department of chemistry, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Dimensional analysis

Dimensional Analysis TutorialIntro to dimensional analysis tutorials at Texas A&M University.

Medical Mathematics Tutorial for Student NursesA web based instructional tool based on medications and calculations outlined by Kee and Hayes (2003), designed to assist the beginning nursing student to understand the basic mathematic principles related to dosage calculation and measurements.

Metric Pages and Imperial Pages (French Property, Services and Information Ltd.): Conversion tables for length, weight (mass), temperature, area, volume, mileage, energy, force, power, pressure. Also metric cooking converter, Clothing and shoe sizes converter, currency converter. Site maintained by Doug Stewart of FPSI, Ltd.

Unit Converter: Convert mass, time, area, angles and rotation, length, volume, temperature, pressure, data storage. Site copyrighted by PDF

Weather Converter: MSDS Site. Definition of Fahrenheit, Celsius, kelvin, Rankine, and reaumur scales. Enter value for F convert to C, K, or other unit.


A Real Fear By Paul RuffinsERIC synopsis of article about math anxiety which appeared on Mar 8, 2007 webpage of Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.

British Dyslexia Association: Information about dyslexia as well as information about the British Dyslexia Association; conference news, books, and association information.

Coping with Math Anxiety: Copyright by Math Academy Online™ / Platonic Realms™.

Dyscalculia, math-related learning disabilities. LD Online: Links to articles related to dyscalculia, math-related learning disabilities.

Prof. Freeman Math Anxiety Relief: Ten ways suggested by Professor Freeman to reduce math anxiety.

Student Math Coping Responsibilities: List of student responsibilities proposed.

Yale Center for Dyslexia: Tools and tips, students with dyslexia videos, resources and advice. Copyright The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity, Yale School of Medicine.


Intro to Exponents: W Texas A&M Tutorial 26: Definition of exponent and use of exponent laws. Written by Kim Peppard.

Negative Exponents: W Texas A&M Tutorial 29
: Intro to negative exponents and scientific notation. Written by Kim Peppard.

Learning styles

Learning Styles by Prof. Freedman: Introduction to different styles of learning by Professor Freeman. Site lists characteristics of right brain and left brain learning.

Learning Styles: Understanding Mathematics a study guide by Peter Alfeld: Self assessment questionnaire. Article divided into Understanding Mathematics with several examples of different approaches to learning mathematics, solving mathematical problems, and acquiring mathematical understanding. Peter Alfeld, University of Utah.

Number theory

Number Theory: The Math Forum @ Drexel: Several articles related to Number Theory. The Math Forum is a research and educational enterprise of the Drexel School of Education.

Online help sites

Math Homework Help: Links provided by Discovery Education for help with general math, algebra I & II, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus I & II.

Placement tests

College Planning Guide: Information related to: grants, scholarships, federal aid; specific colleges, professional fields, placement test preparation. Site copyright: Present

Degrees and Certificate Info: Articles from around the web related to a variety of fields, degrees, certificates, and the study skills needed to succeed inside (and outside) the classroom. Site copyright:

SAT Study Materials
: Free study materials for SAT © Helen Mathur. Site not affiliated with College Entrance Examination Board.

Test Prep and Practice: Test Practice for ACT, GED, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, SAT and more. Select "test" button at top of page and follow instructions for Practice Tests and Preparation for Tests. "Every student, researcher and academician who visits our web site will have free, instant and easy access to the information and test prep and career resources in our web site." Site created and maintained by

Washington State Math Placement Test: General information and links to Eastern, Central, Western Washington Universities. Also Washington State and University of Washington.

Western Washington University: Information about WWU Math Placement. General information, registration, sample problems, test objectives. scores needed for specific classes, topics on each exam.

Quadratic equations

Quadratic Equations: West Texas A&M University: West Texas A&M University tutorial related to solving quadratic equations by factoring, by the square root method, by completing the square, by using the quadratic formula and for finding the discriminant. Includes additional hyperlinks to other help sites. All contents copyright (C) 2002 - 2010, WTAMU and Kim Seward.

Study skills

Eating Right: Professor Freedman: The effect of food on the ability to do well in math classes. An introductory discussion by Professor Freeman.

How to Survive Your College Math Class: Written by Matthew Saltzman and Marie Coffin, Department of Mathematical Sciences Clemson University. Article covers “general study skills, a tutorial on reading and writing mathematics”. Requires pdf player.

Math Study Skills Inventory: Rate your achievement of the following statements by placing a 3 for almost always, 2 for sometimes, and 1 for almost never.

Mathematical Problem Solving: Written by James W. Wilson, Maria L. Fernandez, and Nelda Hadaway, Department of Mathematics Education, University of Georgia. Research related to problem solving and mathematics education. Several examples, extensive references.

Note Taking: Prof.. Freedman: Suggestions about note taking in math classes.

Reading: Helping Undergraduates Learn to Read Mathematics by Ashley Reiter: Suggestions about reading theorems and definitions. Written by Ashley Reiter, Maine School of Science and Mathematics.

Reading: How to Read a Math Book (Stan Brown): Written by Stan Brown, Tompkins Cortland Community College. Dryden, New York.

Reading a Math Textbook (Perla Myers): Site created by Perla Myers' of the University of San Diego to supplement her mathematics course. Several suggestions are made for reading a math textbook.

Study Guides and Strategies at the University of St. Thomas (UST), St. Paul, Minnesota: Study skills for learning, studying, classroom work, group project s, reading, testing, writing, math & science, use of web/internet.

Study Tips Links (Lane Community College): Links to a number of sites that outline strategies for studying math and preparing for exams.

Test Taking Strategies (University of St. Thomas)
: Suggestions for preparing for and taking a math exam.

Test-Taking Strategies in Mathematics
: Written by Dr. Andrew Nestler. Professor of Mathematics, Santa Monica College. Santa Monica, California. Stored as a PDF file.

Test Taking Tips: Suggestions and strategies for preparing for an exam. Site created and maintained by Online College Courses & Classes. It also features test taking tips compiled by Richard Felder and James Stice and preparation advice from the University of Houston.

TMP College Readiness Skills: Core knowledge and skills expected of students in college entry-level mathematics courses and courses with quantitative components. Produced by Transition Math Project. Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges.