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Professional papers

Assessment research & position papers

AMATYC: Placement and Assessment Committee: American Mathematics Association of Two Year Colleges. Position statements, external links, newsletters, mission statement, history of PAC, more.

MAA SUMA Project: Summary of SUMA Project (Undergraduate Math Assessment) by Lynn Arthur.

Math Forum at Drexel University: Math Assessment: The Forum's Internet Mathematics Library provides a page of links to assessment/testing resources. Site maintained by Drexel University.

Math Toolkit for Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (Dana Center): Homepage for materials created at Charles A. Dana Center for Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills.

Math reform & opinion

Agile Mind: "Agile Mind...In collaboration with the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin, the company has developed research-based resources to support high achievement for a broad range of students".

Mathematics Resources on the Internet: Over two dozen links to mathematics sites on the internet. Topics include algebra, applied math, art and math, history, linear algebra, number theory.

Mathematically Sane: Mathematically Sane's mission is to advocate...for the rational reform of school mathematics.

National Mathematics Advisory Panel: On April 18, 2006, President Bush created the National Mathematics Advisory Panel. The panel advised the President and Secretary Spellings on the teaching and learning of mathematics.

New York Review of TERC: This page is part of a collection of links to reviews of and commentaries on K-12 mathematics curricula and standards that is maintained by Bas Braams, Elizabeth Carson, and NYC HOLD.

Statway, Quantway, and Mathway: The Carnegie Pathways:  Statway. Quantway, and Mathway  also known as “The Carnegie Statway™ Networked Improvement Community is focused on statistics, data analysis and quantitative reasoning.”

Mathematics research and papers

The Algebra Project: The Robert Moses Algebra Project is a national movement at the cutting edge of mathematics reform. The goal of the program is to have as many students as possible prepared for algebra by the end of 8th grade.

The College Mathematics Journal (Mathematics Association of America): Journal published by MAA.

The Euler Take-Up Project: Upgrade the existing EULER prototype service. The goal is to make the EULER service a world reference and delivery service, offering full coverage of the mathematics literature worldwide.
Loughborough University Mathematics Department Preprints: Papers available electronically from 1999 - present.

Math Forum Discussion Groups: A wide variety of mathematics discussion groups. Excellent source for math teachers and mathematicians.

National Science Foundation: Overview of Mathematics Research: Summary of mathematical research currently being conducted through NSF Grant institutions.
Oxford Mathematical Institute Theses Archive: This page contains a list of all MSc and DPhil theses available in the archive. They are freely available for anyone to download." Site maintained by the University of Oxford.
The Prime Pages: Prime number research. Links to a wide variety of resources related to prime numbers.
Scientific American: Mathematics: Math articles in Scientific American magazine.

Student Notetaking: Implications for Faculty and Graduate Student Instructors: Written by Deborah DeZure, Matthew Kaplan, Martha A. Deerman of the University of Michigan.The purpose of this Occasional Paper is to review what research tells us about the impact of note taking and how the review of notes affects student learning. The paper also explores the role that instructors can play, suggesting several specific strategies to support students.



American Mathematical Society Journal Sites: This page contains a list of mathematics journals with articles on the Web and a list of Web sites for printed journals.
American Mathematical Society, Bulletin of: Information about the AMS Bulletin: overview, publishing, submitting manuscripts, subscription information.
American Mathematical Society, Journal of: Information about the AMS Journal: overview, publishing, submitting manuscripts, subscription information.
American Statistical Association (AMSTAT) News: Current issue of AMSTAT news available online. Articles are related to research, education, history, and careers in the field of statistics.
Asymptopia: Archive of bi-annual newsletter of University of Cambridge Centre for Mathematical Sciences.
Bellingham Herald Newspaper: Local news, weather, and sports. May include articles related to local schools, colleges, and universities.
Computation, Journal of Mathematics of:Publication of American Mathematical Society. Information about the Journal of Mathematics of Computation: overview, publishing, submitting manuscripts, subscription information.
Convergence!: Online magazine which will provide a wealth of resources to help teach mathematics using its history, copyright 2004. The Mathematical Association of America Project funded in part by NSF.
Electronic Research Announcements in Mathematical Sciences: Electronic Research Announcements in Mathematical Sciences is published by AIMS and is available free of charge as service to the mathematical community.
Electronic Research Announcements of the American Mathematical Society: This electronic-only journal publishes research announcements of significant advances in all branches of mathematics. This journal is available free on e-MATH. Volumes 1-13 of Electronic Research Announcements were published by the AMS from 1995 to 2007. Beginning with Volume 14, this journal is published by the American Institute of Mathematical Sciences as Electronic Research Announcements in Mathematical Sciences.
Financial Mathematics (SIAM): The SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics addresses theoretical developments in financial mathematics as well as breakthroughs in the computational challenges they encompass. Free access to SIFIN through 2010.
Florida State Journal Math Links: Links to many math and science journals from around the world. "This collection of mathematics-related resources is maintained by the Florida State University Department of Mathematics as a free service to the online community.
Geometry and Topology: Geometry and topology is a fully refereed international journal dealing with all aspects of geometry and topology and their applications. Geometry and topology is published in free electronic format.
Inequalities in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Journal of: JIPAM is a peer-reviewed international journal in the theory of mathematical inequalities and their applications. It is published by the School of Communications and Informatics, Victoria University of Technology.
Integers: Integers is a refereed electronic journal devoted to research in the area of combinatorial number theory. It is published with the help of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Charles University, and DIMATIA. Subscriptions to Integers are free.
Journal of Formalized Mathematics: Journal of Formalized Mathematics is an electronic counterpart of Formalized Mathematics...contain(ing) papers which are abstracts of Mizar articles contributed to the Mizar Mathematical Library, a basis of a Knowledge Management System for Mathematics.
Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications: The Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications is a publication of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA).
LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics: Free electronic journal of papers related to mathematical aspects of computation and/or computational aspects of mathematics. The LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics was founded in 1998. It is published as one volume each year. The journal is owned by the London Mathematical Society and is web-hosted by Cambridge University Press.
Martindale's Reference Desk: Journals: Links to many on-line math and science journals. Wide variety of topics.
Math Horizons: "Math Horizons is intended primarily for undergraduates interested in mathematics. Our purpose is to introduce students to the world of mathematics outside the classroom." Publication of MAA.
Math on the Web: This page contains a list of hundreds of mathematics journals with articles on the Web and a list of Web sites for printed journals. It enables you to access information on, or contained in, these journals.
Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal: The intention of the journal is to publish papers in Mathematical Physics and related areas that are of the highest possible quality.
Mathematics Journals on the Web (Northeastern University): Comprehensive list of mathematical journals and resources on the web. Site maintained by Alexandru I. Suciu, Professor, Mathematics Department, Northeastern University.
MathSciNet: MathSciNet provides access to mathematical reviews and current mathematical publications (from 1940 to the present) by the American Mathematical Society.
Muse Project: Sponsored by John Hopkins University, Project MUSE provides a subscription service for institutions to access over 100 online, world wide journals in the arts and science including mathematics.
Newspapers, world: Links to newspapers around the world. You may enter a title or scroll down the homepage to select a newspaper category or region.
Oxford University Press: Scroll list for Oxford Journals in mathematics and statistics. Preview current issue of several mathematics journals.
Pacific Journal of Mathematics: Current and past issues of the Pacific Journal of Mathematics.
Probability, Electronic Communication in: Affiliated with the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. Journal is free to individuals. Communication in probability accepts research papers in all areas of probability.
Probability, Electronic Journal of: Affiliated with the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. Journal is free to individuals. Electronic Journal of Probability accepts research papers in all areas of probability.
Representation Theory: Publication of American Mathematical Society. Information about the Journal of Representation Theory: overview, publishing, submitting manuscripts, subscription information.
Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Math Journal: The Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal is devoted entirely to papers written by undergraduates on topics related to mathematics.
Technology in Math Education: Part of Drexel University Math Forum. The Forum's internet mathematics library provides links to sites about technology in math education.
Technology Review (MIT): Global media company whose mission is to identify important new technologies—deciphering their practical impact and revealing how they will change our lives.
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Current Periodicals in Mathematics. Also Russian math journals.
TI Hispano: Un boletín de noticias informativo diseñado para informar sobre la utilización de la tecnología de calculadoras y de dispositivos de mano de Texas Instruments en las aulas latinoamericanas.
TI Homepage: Texas Instruments' resources, professional development, calculator applications, data collection devices, volume purchase plans, and more.
U.C. Davis Math Archive: Journals: When you reach the site, scroll down to the list of journals. Here are links to over 30 mathematical journals from around the world (English and other languages). Maintained by University of California at Davis.
Wiley & Sons Journals: Search Wiley & Sons Journal titles. Subjects include: business, finance & management, chemistry, computer science, earth science, education, engineering, law, life and medical sciences, mathematics and statistics, physics.
World Scientific and Engineering Society Journals and Newsletter: Links to various world journals and ability to subscribe to organizations newsletter.
xxx-Mathematics Archive: One of the largest mathematical archives with links to journals in all mathematical fields.



Applied Math and Science Education Repository: This site is funded by the National Science Foundation and provides information about applied math and science resources in an easy-to-use format.

Academic Info about Mathematics: Academic Info is a free online education resource center for students (and other researchers). Created by Mike Madin. In the Online Subject Guides scroll down to “M” and find mathematical references.

Atomic Clocks and Units: This is a link to the NIST Time and Frequency site. This particular page contains frequently asked questions about time, time signals, units for time measurement, Julian dates, and related topics.

Cal Tech Mathematics Library: Site contains abstracts, indices, institutes, associations, centers, databases, societies, e-Journals, calculators. Algebra, algebraic geometry, analysis, combinatorics, mathematical logic, number theory, topology.

Complexity Theory:Eric W. Weisstein. "Complexity Theory." From MathWorld--A Wolfram Web Resource.

Constants, Table of: List of many constants for the fields of math, engineering, and science. Site is part of NIST Standard Reference Database.

Dave's Spanish-English Dictionary: Alphabetical listing of mathematical words translated from English into Spanish.

Dictionaries and Glossaries for Social Science and Statistics: UCSD selected links to statistical glossaries and dictionaries on the web. Maintained by the University of California, San Diego.

Dictionaries, Quotations, Biographies: Site is "Back2College" aimed at people returning to college after several years of absence. The site is maintained by Thomas Edison State College (New Jersey).

Diving Depths: Diving records from the "Ocean Planet" exhibition at the Smithsonian. Includes depths of bathysphere, Titanic, octopus, amphipod, and others.

Econ and Business: Reading and Resource List: Economic and business geography resources and reading lists assembled by University of Washington Professor Krumme.

English Japanese Dictionary: Jeffrey's Japanese-English dictionary server. This server was being developed by Jeffrey Friedl. Omron Corporation permitted him the time and facilities to develop this server.

English, French, Italian and Spanish Dictionary: Type a word and have it translated. The WordReference dictionaries are free online translation dictionaries. Created and maintained by Michael Kellogg,, McLean, Virginia, USA.

EqWorld - The World of Mathematical Equations: A free online site presenting extensive information on algebraic, ordinary differential, partial differential, integral, functional, and other mathematical equations: exact solutions and methods. Tables, articles, references, software, books, and more.

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center: The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) is a federally funded, nationwide information network designed to provide you with ready access to education literature.

Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics: Created by Eric Weisstein, it is now called Wolfram MathWorld. MathWorld is a comprehensive and interactive mathematics encyclopedia intended for students, educators, math enthusiasts, and researchers.

Euclid's Elements: This site contains all thirteen books of Euclid´s Elements illustrated with Java applets.

Flatland: A romance of many dimensions by Edwin A. Abbott 1838-1926. What if we didn't live in a three-dimensional world? What would life be like?

Glossary of Math Terms: Multimedia glossary of math terms. Interactive site with sound available.

Historical Meaning of Math Words: These pages attempt to show the first uses of various words used in mathematics. Research for these pages is ongoing, and a citation should not be assumed to be the earliest use unless it is indicated as such.

Interactive Mathematics Dictionary: Terms and definitions listed alphabetically in frames. There are subcategories for major topics. Many definitions have graphics.

Iowa State Common Mathematical Formulae: Links to common mathematical formulas provided by Iowa State University's Mathematics Department.

MacTutor Math Archive: Resources. biographies, history topics, famous curves, mathematician of the day, search archive, wide range of topics.

Math 2, formerly Dave's Math Tables: Contains interactive sites, message board, chat-box, and e-white board. Site includes math tables, identities, and related information for general math, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, linear algebra, many more.

Math Dictionary: Alphabetical listing of mathematical terms and their meanings. Some examples given in the body of the definition. Site is part of larger Math Homework Help site.

Math Fun Facts: Interesting articles related to algebra, calculus, geometry, number theory, topology, and other branches of mathematics.

Math Glossary: Alphabetical listing of math terms and their definitions. Active hyperlinks are also found in the body of the definition. These additional hyperlinks will take you to visual representations.

Math Words: Dictionary of math terms. Use index at left margin of site. Created by Bruce Simmons, Math Teacher at St. Stephen's Episcopal School, Austin, Texas.

Mathematics WWW Virtual Library: Resources, math addresses, bibliographies, math web servers (high schools and colleges), math education, e-journals, preprints, specialized fields, TeX archive.

Merriam Webster Online: Online dictionary.

Metric Conversions: US/metric conversion tables: area, mass, volume, length, joules, and more.

Metric Conversions: CIA Appendix: Conversion formula as well as units and terminology of large and small numbers, e.g. giga, deca, decimilla, etc. This is a very large and complete list of conversions.

On-line Math Dictionary: Very brief to-the-point definitions of mathematical terms.

Planet Math: Planet Math is a virtual community which aims to help make mathematical knowledge more accessible. There is a mathematics encyclopedia, and there are books, expositions, papers, and forums.

Quotations: Quotations from pages located at the mathematics department at Furman University.

Tables: Math Reference Table (Math2): Reference tables for general math, algebra, geometry, trig, discrete math, statistics, calculus, and other references.

The Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences: Online encyclopedia.

Webopedia: Encyclopedia of terms and definitions associated with all aspects of the World Wide Web. Excellent cross referenced links. Very clear definitions.

Xah's Home Page: A virtual dictionary of geometry. Topics include: A visual dictionary of special plane curves, wallpaper groups, mathematics graphics gallery, great math programs, mathematica packages, and more.

YourDictionary: Links to foreign language dictionaries.


Bellingham Public Library: Information about the library and access to library catalog.
UC Berkeley Science Library: Homepage of UC Berkeley Science Library with links to Mathematics Statistics Library, Bioscience and Natural Science Library, Chemistry, Earth Science and Map Library, Engineering Library, and more. The Academic Senate of the University of California adopted an open access policy ensuring that future research articles authored by faculty at all 10 campuses of UC will be made available to the public at no charge.
British Museum, the: Homepage for the British Museum in London, England.
CalTech Library Mathematics: Abstract and index resources, associations, calculators, databases, electronic journals, and other resources related all branches of mathematics.
CalTech Library Reference Desk: Links to Caltech library research tools: locate books, online journals, general references, and more. Also information about Caltech events, campus map, catalog, and other services.
Cambridge University (UK) Library: Information about the library and using it, catalogs, and electronic services. Links to special collections, research projects, digital library, and other libraries at Cambridge.
Chicago Public Library: General information, catalog, data bases, digital collections, selected internet resources, search tool, announcements of exhibits, and more.
Cornell Digital Library: The Cornell Digital Library is open to the general public, but certain collections are limited to the Cornell University community only. Those items that are restricted will have a symbol next to them.

EEVL: Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library: EEVL is a project to build a gateway for the higher education and research community to facilitate access to high quality information resources in engineering.

Harvard University Libraries: Links to Harvard library catalogs and other research resources. Links to all of Harvard's Art Museums, the Museum of Natural History, and other Harvard collections.
Internet Public Library (ipl2): Homepage with resources by subject and other resource links. “ipl2” is hosted by The iSchool at Drexel, College of Information Science and Technology, with major support from the College of Information at Florida State University.
Library of Congress: Online catalog for the Library of Congress. To search use subject, name, title, call number, keywords, and/or search limits. Also links to many other library catalogs.
MAA Online Book Review: Review by members of the Mathematical Association of America of current mathematical books. Several past reviews are archived.
Math Forum Data Library: Sets and sources of data organized into collaborative projects, data sets, and other sources of data.
Math Forum Internet Math Library: The Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library is an annotated catalog of mathematics and mathematics education websites.
Math WWW Virtual Library: Resources, math addresses, bibliographies, math web servers (high schools and colleges), math education, e-journals, preprints, specialized fields, TeX archive.
Medicine, U.S. National Library of: Site index, health information, library services, research programs, announcements, exhibits, "hot topics", and general information.
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries: Information about MIT libraries. Links to other MIT libraries which specialize in management and social science, engineering, humanities, biomedical imaging, earth and planetary science, science, and more.
Museum of Mathematics: Museum in New York dedicated to mathematics delivering programs for students, teachers, and the public to increase appreciation of mathematics. Website includes links to math encounters videos, “fun activities”, and traveling math exhibits.
National Science Digital Library: Math, Science, Technology: The National Science Digital Library provides high quality online educational resources for teaching and learning, with current emphasis on the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

NOAA Central Library: Library of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. "The library has an extensive collection of historical coast and geodetic survey materials (from 1807) and weather bureau materials (from the 1830's), including foreign meteorology.

Oxford, University of. (UK) Libraries
: Homepage for all Oxford University libraries including the Ashmolean, Bodleian, Bodleian Law, Taylor Institute, Social Studies, and Radcliffe Science libraries.

Pennsylvania (University of) On-line Books: Wonderful resource with books by Klein, Babbage, Lagrange, Steen, and others. All full-text; all free.
Show-Me Center: Articles related to implementing Standards-Based Middle School Mathematics Curriculum. The Show-Me Center served as a dissemination and implementation center of NSF-sponsored middle grades mathematics curriculum development projects from 1997-2008. Links are operational.
Texas, University of: General information about the University of Texas library and services. Library catalogues, collections, electronic resources, and more.
Texas, University of. - Physics Math Astronomy Library: The John M. Kuehne Physics Mathematics Astronomy Library (PMA) is a branch of the UT Austin General Libraries.
Transportation, National (Library): Repository of public and private materials related to transportation.
Western Washington University: Library catalog, online resources, services, collections, branches, reference and research assistance.
Whatcom Community College: Library catalog, online resources, subject links, hours and location, library services, library staff, patron information.


Unsolved math problems

Catalan Conjecture Solved: Catalan's Conjecture predicts that 8 and 9 are the only consecutive perfect powers among positive integers. The conjecture, which dates back to 1844, was proven by the Swiss mathematician Preda Mih. 
Catalan's Conjecture: Summary of problem and links to related articles by Eric W. Weisstein at Wolfram Research.
Catalan's Conjecture: History of the problem by Chris Caldwell at The Prime Glossary.
Millennium Prize Problems: In order to celebrate mathematics in the new millennium, The Clay Mathematics Institute of Cambridge, Massachusetts (CMI) has named seven "Millennium Prize Problems."
Riemann Hypothesis: Reimann hypothesis problem.
Some Open Problems and Research Directions in the Mathematical Study of Fluid Dynamics: Peter Constantin, Department of Mathematics, University of Chicago.
Wolfram Mathworld List of Unsolved Problems: Extensive listing of hyperlinks to Unsolved Problems in Mathematics. Created, developed, and nurtured by Eric Weisstein at Wolfram Research.



Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship Program: A year-long fellowship for a K-12 math and/or science teacher to work in a congressional office or federal agency. Monthly stipend, travel, and moving expenses are included. Program administered by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Council for International Exchange of Scholars for faculty: The Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) is a private organization founded in 1947 to assist the U.S. government in administering the Fulbright Scholar Program.

Council for International Exchange of Scholars for students: The Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) is a private organization founded in 1947 to assist the U.S. government in administering the Fulbright Scholar Program.

e-School News: Funding Center: Programs, funding sources, recent awards, award deadlines, and technology funding information.

Funding Sources (Suggested by Texas Instruments): This site lists private and governmental funding sources for grants. The site is maintained by Texas Instruments. " is THE single access point for over 900 grant programs offered by the 26 Federal grant-making agencies."

Grant Writing Sites (Suggested by Texas Instruments): How to write grants, grant seminars, articles on grant writing. Site is maintained by Texas Instruments.

MAA Grants: Mathematics Association of America Grant Opportunities. Select from four categories. Use this link to complete electronic application.

MAA Grant Writing Info: Tips for writing effective grant proposals. Site created by Mathematics Association of America.

Mathematics Education Trust MET: Scholarships and grants to provide funds for special projects that enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Martindales' Grant Information: Links to a many sites world-wide related to grants, grant writing, foundations. Copyright, all rights reserved, Jim Martindale.

U.S. Dept. of Education: Grants: ED offers three kinds of grants: Discretionary grants: awarded using a competitive process, student loans or grants: to help students attend college, Formula grants: uses formulas determined by Congress and has no application process. Use this link to locate and apply for any of these three grant type.