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Real Data

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AIDS/HIV Surveillance Reports: The annual HIV Surveillance Report by the CDC provides an overview on the current epidemiology of HIV disease in the United States and dependent areas.
Anthropology: Data related to singer heights, crawling, U.S. birthdays, human development, Gwaimasi hunting, U.S. crime, world population, and more.
Baseball: Statistics about teams, players, and leagues from 1871 to Present
Biology: Data about flea beetles, mercury contamination in bass, bird egg size, more.
Bivariate Scatterplots: Outstanding source of data by Seattle Central Community College. Scatterplots are provided or you can access data and produce the scatterplots with your class.
Census Data: Raw data from all aspects of census collection.
Climate Data: NCDC has long served the Nation as a national resource for climate information and is the world´s largest active archive of weather data. Satellite, climate, and radar data. Archive of world data. Site is very large and may take some time to load.
Climate Data: Map based climate data for the United States. Also weather generator technology, spatial climate products, archived data sets, wetland climate analysis, and more.
Climatic Data Archive Western Region: Climatic data from Western Regional Climate Center.
Climatic Data Western Region Center: Snotel data from Western Regional Climate Center.
Commodity Trading: Free on line daily, weekly, monthly charts and intra day commodity quotes. Commodities include grain, hogs, soft commodities, energy, metals, currencies, financial futures and indices.


Community Colleges: Washington State: Applied research and analysis by SBCTC researchers. Select data from basic skills, dev ed, faculty/staff, high school and college programs, more.

Conservation Service Natural Resources: USDA: Technical Information, Resources, Tools, Models, and Data.
Consumer Price Index Data: US Department of Labor.
Crime Data: Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics. Characteristics and distribution of persons arrested. Listed by offense, by age, by State, other sources. Uses Acrobat file. Need to enlarge with virtual magnifying glass.
Crime Data (FBI): Data related to crime in all States. Complied by FBI.
Currency Converter: Quick way to convert. Enter a value amount. Specify the type of currency. Specify the currency you want.
Data Sets (Seattle Central QELP): Data sets for real-world mathematics, examples for science. See the scatterplots and/or create them with your class using sets of data.
Data sites on the web: Websites for collecting data, maps, and charts. Scroll down the site to teaching resources for collecting and analyzing data.
Data sites on the web: DASL (pronounced "dazzle") is an online library of data files and stories that illustrate the use of basic statistics methods.
Data sites on the web: Data sets for real-world mathematics, examples in science, sites available with explanations. Excellent source of data.
Data Sets on the web: U of VA Center for Tech and Teacher Ed: University of Virginia. Center for Technology and Teacher Education. Includes data links for C.I.A., climate centers, whales and marine research, astronomy, space research and more.
Differential Equations: Data sets used in the book Differential Equations Graphics Models Data, by David Lomen and David Lovelock, Wiley, 1999.
USGS Earthquake Information: USGS Earthquake Information including Significant Earthquakes (Past 30 Days), Real-time & Historical Earthquake Information, Magnitude 2.5+ Earthquakes (Past Day), Significant Earthquake Archive. Scroll down site to locate hyperlinks.
Economics: American Economic Association Data: Data of interest to academic and practicing economists, and those interested in economics. Sponsored by the American Economic Association. Editor: Bill Goffe Dept. of Economics, SUNY Oswego.
Economics: Bureau of Econ Analysis: U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis. Select Interactive Data from publications list.
Economics: Economagic: Links to many data sources related to economics. Organizers of the site state that this "a comprehensive site of free, easily available economic time series data useful for economic research".
Economics: Federal Reserve Data: Federal Reserve Economic Data, a database of U.S. economic time series.
Education: Data related to educational issues. Part of

Energy US Energy Information:  Access to information provided by the US Energy Information Agency.
Environmental Data Sets: Access to Environmental Protection Agency's data sources organized by subject.
Environmental Issues: Seattle Central Community College data sets for real-world applications. Great set of data. See the scatterplot and/or get the data and plot it with your class.
Exponential Scatterplots: Seattle Central Community College data sets for real-world applications. Great set of data. See the scatterplot and/or get the data and plot it with your class.
Federal Reserve Info: The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States. Select Economic Research and Data Button.
Finance Prime Lending Rate 1949 to Present: Historical listing of all prime lending rates from 1949 to present. Data maintained by Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
Football Salary Data: The data file contains 1991 season leading quarterback and total team salary for football teams in the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC) of the National Football League (NFL).
Futures and Options Info: Information about Futures and options contracts traded on the CME's two trading floors. These include currencies, interest rates, stock indexes and agricultural commodities.
Gallup Poll: Gallup poll website. Find poll analysis, focus, state of the nation, poll insights, in congress, video archive.
Gasoline Prices (USA): Historical data on gasoline prices (from 1990) listed by grade, region, state, cities. Site maintained by Energy Information Administration.
Geography: CIA Data: Data related to every country in the world compiled by the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Site includes economic, geographic, and population data and more. Maps and flags of each country are also included.
Geology: Mauna Loa Volcano data: Mauna Loa Volcano data from monitoring site.
Geospatial Data: DEMs and DLGs from the Washington State Geospatial Data Archive. Password required to use site.
Glaciers: North Cascade Glacier Climate Project
Data on biology, mass balance, terminus behavior, glacial runoff, and more. Mauri S. Pelto, Director NCGCP


CIA World Factbook: Select country from the drop down menu at the top of the homepage. This will display maps and data related to the country. Maintained by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

Climate ( U.S. Climate Change): A study of U.S. climate change during the past half century compared with the rest of the world. Written in August 1999 by James Hansen, Reto Ruedy, Jay Glascoe and Makiko Sato for the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

Climate (NOAA National Climatic Data Center): NOAA National Climatic Data.

Consumer Price Index Data Sets: Data bases related to the Consumer Price Index. Maintained by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Estuaries (NOAA´s National Estuarine Research Reserve System): NOAA´s National Estuarine Research Reserve System Data. Obtain data from map. from "Get Data", and from left panel on site. National Estuarine Research Reserve sites, coastal zone management (CZM) programs,and other Estuarine projects.
Food Consumption Data (United Nations FAO): Data for 200 primary commodities, 200 countries and regions.
Food Production ( Indicators: Agricultural and Environmental. United Nations FAO): Indicators for world and for economic, regional and continental groups.
Food Production (Exports, Imports by County. United Nations FAO): Top 10 Exporter and Importers of food by country and by year.
Food Production (US and International): U.S. and International data related to agricultural production, crop reports, supplies, costs, facilities, employment. From University of Michigan Documents Center.
Food Production (USDA World Market and Trade): Current World Production, Market and Trade Reports from the US Dept. of Agriculture.
Food: United Nations Statistics: Wide range of statistics from UN Food and Agriculture Organization. Select from menu in left panel on website.
Global Footprint Network: Data page of the Ecological Footprint, a tool that quantifies human demand on nature, and nature´s capacity to meet these demands.
Housing (Average Cost US Past 12 Months): Chart of average US home price by region and overall. Site is maintained by which is part of Internet Brands.
Housing (United Kingdom. Halifax House Price Index): Raw data sets of Halifax Price Index. Select data spread sheet at right. "Since 1984, the Halifax House Price Index has been used extensively by government departments, the media and businesses as an indicator of house price movements in the UK."
Housing (Federal Housing Finance Agency): FHFA data sets related to Single-Family Mortgage, Monthly Interest rates, etc.
Oceans (GISS analysis of surface temperature change 1880-1999): In PDF document, scroll to page 34 of 47 to access charts of data.Written by J. Hansen, R. Ruedy, J. Glascoe, and M. Sato ofNASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York.
Oceans (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute): Pacific Ocean Temperature, Salt Level, Humidity, other data from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. Select real time data sources from left frame on site.
Population (Washington State): Census data 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010, 2013. Copyright by Thomas Brinkoff.
World Agriculture Towards 2030/2050: Predictions based on world data. Written by Nikos Alexandratos and Jelle Bruinsma. Global Perspective Studies Team, FAO Agricultural Development, Economics Division
World Crop and Livestock Statistics United Nations FAO: Scan list for Commodity and year.

Geology: Mauna Loa Volcano data: Detailed monitoring data is available only for Mauna Loa's last two eruptions, which occurred in 1975 and 1984. Site maintained by U.S. Department of the Interior; U.S. Geological Survey.
Geospatial Data: DEMs and DLGs from the Washington State Geospatial Data Archive. Password required to use site.
Glaciers: North Cascade Glacier Climate Project: Data on biology, mass balance, terminus behavior, glacial runoff, more. Mauri S. Pelto, Director NCGCP.
Gold Prices: Data and charts about gold traded worldwide supplied by Kitco Corporation. Historical charts in left margin of homepage.
Precious Metals Prices: Current and previous day´s London Fix on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Also New York Spot Price and World Spot Price on gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium.
Golf: PGA: PGA Season Statistics from 1997. Site maintained by
Government: Presidential Election Data: Copyright Gerhard Peters - The American Presidency Project. UCSB.
Government: Research Data: Data for research provided by
Health: Search US Government statistics related to Medicare, Medicaid, Epidemiology, Treatments, and Population Statistics. Part of
High Jump Men´s Records: Men - Year, name, and height of winning men´s high jump in the Olympics from 1896 to 1996. See drop-down “Chart Historical Results”. Copyright
High Jump Women's World Record: World Records for High Jump (Women) from 1932 to 1982
Histograms: QELP Seattle Central Data Set. Histograms related to a number of environmental issues. Histograms plotted or you can access the data and plot the histograms with your class. Excellent site.
Hurricanes: QELP Seattle Central Data Set. Hurricane data were pulled from the Atlantic Tracks File compiled by the US National Hurricane Center. Site by Seattle Central Community College.
Hurricanes: NHC Archive of Hurricane Seasons: Tropical Cyclone and Infamous Atlantic Storms data by National Hurricane Center.
Industry at a Glance: Industry at a Glance contains profiles major industry groups. Each profile is a collection of facts about the industry, and contains links to additional data.
Iraq and Afghanistan Casualties Data: Iraq and Afghanistan Coalition Military Fatalities By Year. Site maintained and copyrighted
Labor: US Dept. of Labor: Data (by State, region, or metropolitan area) related to the labor force, nonfarm wage and salary employment, metropolitan area labor data, and other geographically based survey data.
Lake Studies Data: Research data on Washington State Lakes. Site is maintained by The Institute for Watershed Studies, Huxley College of the Environment, Western Washington University.
Linear Scatterplots: Seattle Central Community College data sets for real-world applications. Great set of data. See the scatterplot and/or get the data and plot it with your class. Variety of meaningful applications
Logistic Scatterplots: Seattle Central Community College data sets for real-world applications of logistic curve scatterplots. Great set of data. See the scatter plot and/or get the data and plot it with your class.
Long Jump World Record Men: Men - Year, name, and height of winning men´s long jump in the Olympics from 1896.
Long Jump Olympic Medalists: Olympic Medal Data (Gold, Silver, Bronze) for most recent games to 1896.
MARS: Exploration Rover Mission: Most recent photos and data from Spirit and Opportunity on the surface of Mars.
Mortality Tables: Detailed mortality tables prepared by the Division of Vital Statistics, National Center for Health Statistics, include data on age, race, sex, cause-of-death, life expectancy, and infant mortality.
Mount St. Helens: Historical and current data related to the Mount St. Helens Lava Dome. Site is maintained by USGS.
National Bureau of Economic Research: Data and Data Links provided by National Bureau of Economic Research. Includes US Government and links to other data sources.
Nuclear Power: Cost to build, mega-watt capacity, and date construction permit was issued for 32 nuclear power plants.
OECD Statistics Directorate: Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development. Financial, Industry and Services, International Trade and Balance of Payments, Labor statistics.
Periodic Scatterplots: Seattle Central Community College data sets for real-world applications. Great set of data. See the scatterplot and/or get the data and plot it with your class. Variety of meaningful applications
Physics: Stopping Car Data: Article about reaction times and braking distances with data sets included. Written by Eric Wood, National Institute of Education, Singapore.
Population Figures (by cities and states) Several Census: Excellent table of census data for numerous years. Organized by cities and states. Best to use Firefox browser.
Power Curve Scatterplots: Seattle Central Community College data sets for real-world applications. Great set of data. See the scatterplot and/or get the data and plot it with your class. Variety of meaningful applications.
River Basin Data: Real-time Washington State River Basins Data for current and latest river data. Graphs.
Rivers: Maps and graphs of current water resources conditions. Map of real-time stream flow compared to historical stream flow for the day of the year. USGA Site.
Running: An interactive graph. Click on the record points above to see a blurb and information about that record-setting or Olympic performance.
Running: Contains records for Olympic events from 1896 to present. Site is part of Swedish Athletic Page, so it also contains links to Swedish Athletic Performance Records.
Snow and Ice (National) Data: This Inventory contains information for over 67,000 glaciers throughout the world...These data are collected and digitized by the World Glacier Monitoring Service, Zurich.
Snow Data (NOAA): Weather and Snowpack Information, Current and Past Weather Data and Forecasts Mountain Weather Data Updated Hourly, Historical NWAC Snowdepth Data and Plots.
Space: The Space environment Center of NOAA " provides a wide variety of near-real-time and recent Space Weather data online through its Web and FTP sites.
Statistics Data Sets [Ed Harri, WCC Math]: WCC Math Faculty Member Ed Harri´s Data Sets for Statistics. Requires Fathom Program. At his website, select items from Math 240 at right.
Stock Markets: Toronto Stock Exchange: Toronto (Canadian) Stock Exchange (TSX Group).
Stock Markets: London Stock Exchange: London Stock Exchange. 

Stock Markets: NASDAQ Info: Access to NASDAQ information. Real time quotes, market trends, charts, other information.

Stock Markets: New York Stock Exchange "NYSE": Access to NYSE information. Real time quotes, market trends, information.
Stock Markets: NYSE Archive: Daily Share Volume, Monthly Trading Stats (12 months), NYSE Daily Index Closes, Trading Data and Market Values, NYSE Statistics Archive, P/E ratios, Monthly Volume, more.
Streamflow Data USGS: Daily Streamflow Conditions data from US Geological Survey.
Tide and Current Predictions: Tide and current predictions are available for thousands of locations in North and Central America as available from NOAA and CHS.
Track and Field Records: Men´s and Women´s Track and Field Records: Outdoor and Indoor. Copyright by Track & Field News.
United States of America Data: Data sets for General Government; Business and Economics; Defense and International Relations; Environment, Energy, and Agriculture; Family, Home, and Community; Geospatial Data, Health and Nutrition; Jobs and Education; Public Safety and Law; Science and Technology; Travel, Transportation, and Recreation.
Volcanoes of the World: "Volcanoes of the World" is a database describing the physical characteristics of volcanoes and their eruptions. This search returns a list of eruptions sorted by date and location.
Voyager 2 Data: MIT Space Plasma Group Voyager Data Page.
Water: Map of real-time stream flow, drought, and runoff. compared to historical streamflow for the day of the year...The ´Real-time streamflow´ map tracks short-term changes (over several hours) in rivers and streams.
Weather and Climate Data Sets: Temperature average max, min, and extremes, departures from normal, degree day, and frost/freeze values plus precipitation averages and extremes including snowfall data. Climate Data Online (CDO) provides free access to NCDC's archive of global historical weather and climate data in addition to station history.
Weather in Space: The Space Weather Now page is intended to give the non-technical user a ´plain language´ look at space weather". Graphs, data, real-time images are available on this site.
Weather Mt. Washington Center: Historical Data from Mount Washington Observatory. Raw monthly data summaries (in PDF format) for the past 6 months.
Weather NOAA Bellingham: NOAA report of current and past 3 days of Weather in Bellingham, WA.
Weather Northern Hemisphere: Weather maps and satellite images emphasizing California, the western U.S., and North America. The California Regional Weather Server's weather maps and images are created at San Francisco State University using software from the Unidata Program Center and Unisys and data from the National Weather Service. The site is administered by Dr. Dave Dempsey (
Weather Underground: Enter any city to see weather conditions. Access to weather in other parts of the country. When you arrive at the site, scroll down to see current Bellingham Weather and Forecasts.
World Clock: Information about the World: Current time AND such information as the current number of marriages, divorces, cancer cases, HIV infections, Births, Deaths, and more. Created by
X-Rays: Data for x-ray mass attenuation for all elements and mass energy-absorption coefficients. Site also contains information about x-ray mass attenuation coefficient.
Youth Risk Behavior: CDC: Youth Risk Behavior Data From the Centers on Disease Control´s Youth Risk Behavior Surveys.
Zoology: Museum of Vertebrate Zoology Data Access University of California, Berkeley. Select from Amphibians, Birds, Bird Eggs, Mammals, and Reptiles.