The following resources are available to support the academic efforts of Whatcom students online.

For online tutoring in all subjects, through, a consortium of tutors at Northwest colleges

Etutoring entrance page

  • Choose Washington and Whatcom Community College from the available menu

Etutoring entrance page-1

  • Find the Username and Password fields under Login Here.

Etutoring entrance page-3

  • For your username: Use the username of your email on file with the College.
  • Your defalut password is set to: wcctest

Example: If your email is, then your corresponding username and password are: jbabcock and wcctest

 **You should change your password when you first login.**

Once this is completed, you able to see a schedule that identifies what subjects are available for tutoring, tutors who will be working, and when they will be working.

 Etutoring entrance page-2


Writing support is available at the Writing Lab link at the top, or through Whatcom's own Writing Center at