To work with WCC's Writing Center readers online, write us an email: wccwritingcenter [put in the @ sign]

Attach your paper as a Word or Google doc. 

In the email, please tell us about:

  • The class you're writing for, or the college or job application
  • The writing project itself
  • What you think of your work so far: the process and how it's going
  • What you'd like from us as your readers

We will respond within 48 hours with voice comments, using an unlisted screencast video, which can only be viewed by anyone who has the link (you, and us). In other words, you'll receive a note from us and a link to a screencast that provides our audio over a video of your paper. 

Please let us know if this system will not work for you, and we'll write comments on the draft instead.

Please let us know if you'd like a response in Spanish, or in both Spanish and English.

If we don't respond to you in two days when a quarter is in session, email us again or call 360.383.3094.

We do not check our email during breaks between quarters.

For more information on our online responding, watch our YouTube video.